Welcome to another LADY BOSS POST where i write about women that inspire me in my everyday life.

It is been a while since i shared this type of content and today my LADY BOSS BABE is Sandrine Umwali 2nd runner up Miss Supranational 2019.

In this blog post i am going share with you different things you need to know about her, her inspirational quotes, her journey to the MISS SUPRANATIONAL 2019.

If you ever thought about going for beauty pageant or planning to go for one i am pretty sure that this post will help and motivate you to go for your dreams.

What are the 5 things we should know about you?

” I am 23 years old, 2 nd runner up in Miss Supranational 2019, i am hostess in convention center and young entrepreneur.

Last but not list i am co founder of Impanuro girls Initiative”

Who is your WC ( woman crush) and why?

” My WCs are so many but first it is my mother because i am who i am because of her”

Your favorite inspirational quote

One of my favorite quote is : ” We can not change our past but we can use our present to prepare a better future”

What was the biggest challenge during the miss supranational competition?

second runner up in Miss Rwanda supranational 2019

” My biggest challenge during miss supranational 2019 was competing with other girls who have been in different beauty pageant and for me it was my first time.”

What did you learn from the experience?

” What i learned from this experience is CONFIDENCE , that in competition whether beauty pageant or other you will find the intelligent and smarter as you are so you have to trust yourself and work hard in order to win.”

Which advice would you give to a girl/woman reading this?

” My advice to women reading this is please do what you have to do will help you to do what you want to do and never stop dreaming because every new day is a chance to change our lives.”

This is all from today, did you enjoy reading this?

Thank you Sandrine for sharing your story , it is always good to work with amazing women like you keep grinding and shining.

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