Happy new year of 2023 !! It is a new year , new beginnings , new chapters to write, new adventure , this is the right time to give yourself a chance at a new start .

2022 was rough for most of us but we are not loosing hope, everything happens for a reason and i have a feeling that what we went through was a preparation of the good things ahead, LET’S CLAIM THIS !!! Amen.

Today on the blog we are starting the new year with clear and determined mindset that is why I am sharing with you 5 easy ways you can set achievable goals and those are tips that i personally use on a daily basis and i hope they will help.

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Now let’s talk about how to set goals and how to achieve them.


Before we get into the goal setting mood we need to evaluate ourselves first. Self evaluation will help you know what you did wrong, which method worked, what to keep and what to improve. This will help you track your progress which is very crucial.

When evaluating yourself look at all the aspects of life it can be finances , mental and emotional health , physical health it can be anything. Check if you followed those goals you set last year or if you ended doing your own thing, write down the result and please don’t feel bad if things didn’t go your way there is always room for improvement.

I also feel like self evaluation is a form of encouragement whenever i evaluate myself i feel motivated to keep going that is why I encourage you to self evaluate before you plan anything. Don’t just evaluate yourself at the end of the year do it every day before bed , evaluate how you spend your days, your reactions and performances during the day this will help you a lot.


source :lifegoals.com on Pinterest

The second most important tip when setting your annual goals is to make a vision or dream board. This is something I wanted to do for a long a time and this time i am doing it , 2023 is the year.

It is okay to have your goals on a paper somewhere but it is very inspirational and motivating to visualize your goals every day.

A dream board or vision board is a collage of images, pictures, and affirmations of one’s dreams and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation”

source wikepedia

A dream board is like the key highlights of thing you want to accomplish throughout the year, it will act as a visual motivation for you on those days you want to give up, a reminder to get up and hustle and here is how you can make one.


  • First write down all the things you want to do in the new year : it can be career oriented, fun, self love even buying your dream car, anything that cross your mind put it on a paper it doesn’t matter how big or small that thing is just put it down on a paper.
  • Get the pictures similar to the things you want : Now that you go all the ideas on the paper go on P interest and look for pictures that reflect what you want to achieve , for example if you want to be more intentional look for a quote that reflects that, if you want to buy a car browse the type of car that you want and save that picture, if you want to go on a vocation look for the picture that reflect that etc..
  • Print those pictures :put them on a board and hanging it in your room you can either print them as a collage or one by one. With this vision board everyday you are going to be reminded about the things you really need to focus on and work towards them.

The tools you need for this dream board are Canva and Pinterest and then you can create your unique dream board, it doesn’t have to be like what everyone is doing. It is your life do YOU.


Now that you got a visual representation of how you want your new year to be it is time to set goals and plan how you will get there and the best thing to do is to set SMART GOALS ( Something that i learned in my nursing school and it lives rent free in my head lol)

What is a SMART GOAL ?

A SMART goal is a goal that is Specific, Measurable , Achievable , Relevant and Time bound, in few words it is something that is realistic.

For example if you want to buy a house set a goal that include the type of house you want, if you can afford it ; where you going to find the money, how long will it take to gather the money, when you are planning to buy it?? etc

Make sure that your goal tackles every area and when you plan , plan accordingly.

In the past i used to set unrealistic and vague goals like in this year i will buy a land which is a real nice goal but i didn’t give myself a given timeline for that goal or even budget for it i ll just put my dream on a paper and hope GOD will fix it , that’s not how life is sis.


Another tip you need to know is that ” SMART GOALS are not only for your finances or big projects “they are also applicable in other aspects of life it can be fitness, mental health anything just make sure you use this method for every area of your life that is how you will see real results.


If your dreams don’t scare you they are not even worthy.

The bigger the goal the hard you work, stop setting goals according to your comfort zone instead start planning big, this is will inspire you. You want to have the best year of your life start by dreaming big, do your research , educate yourself that is how you will achieve more. Stop settling for less and what is available , go out and seek for more.

When planning for your new year ask yourself which new thing am i trying this year? Which place am i going too ? Which new skill am i learning ? A new year is a chance to write a new story in your life book so stop repeating the things you have been doing for 5 years. DREAM BIG !


Now that you have goals and a SMART plan to achieve them, the only thing that will help you see results is DISCIPLINE.


  • Respect your plan no matter what : I know sometimes it is scary when you plan things and life just happens but it is not an excuse to give up, rise up and keep going that is how you will achieve big things. RESPECT THE PLAN !!!
  • Consistency is key: you can work hard but when you are not consistent you will not see the results. Consistency is a form of discipline that we should all have.
  • Rest : being consistent doesn’t mean you have to be over productive but it means working everyday towards that goals and also resting. Over working is tiring so make sure you also prioritize rest in whatever you are doing.

With those simple tips you will achieve a lot in life, success is not about the destination but the process and it starts when you decided to make realistic goals and implementing them.

Which other type do you use to set goals ? Let me know in the comment section and see you next time. Have a blessed week xoxo !

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