Christmas gift guide : easy and affordable

HOHOHOHO !!! CHRISTMAS IS HERE and i am in awe like first of all how did the year ended this fast ? Second of all Christmas is here !! Who else loves Xmas like me? The Xmas carol, décor , food ( mostly lol) , gifts, the Xmas ambiance is just top notch.

Today on the blog we are starting the festivities with an easy and amazing gift guide that will give you ideas of what to give for Xmas cause i know most of people around this period are worried about coming up with a perfect gift for Xmas so i made the job easy for you.

The ideas shared in this blog are accessible, very affordable ( cause i know the economy in this period is INSANE ) ,and some are pretty unique. To make it more easy I am going to put them into small categories in case you are planning to gift different people so without further a due let’s jump into these CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS.


Of course we are starting with the family members because Xmas is all about Family and sharing, here are some few ideas for your family.


If you have a large family like mine and you are lost when it comes to gifts, you can start with Xmas cards , they are very affordable and available in supermarkets.

I remember when I was a kid we used to receive so many cards from one family to another and we would put them next to the Xmas tree and this is something i haven’t seen in a while so if you want something simple to show your family members that you care and love them send them a XMAS CARD with a personalized note.

The best plug for these cards is T2000 they have beautiful Xmas cards and if you want to be creative you can make your own and get inspo from PINTEREST.


There is no other thing to bring the family together on Xmas like a family game, it can be cards, monopoly , puzzles anything that brings you together. You can buy this as a gift and play it at Xmas and i swear this is will be so much fun and memorable. It will also be a great opportunity to talk, laugh and catch up we all know how adulting can be so busy.

You can get those game in any super market as well, my best plugs are T2000 ( as always) and SIMBA SUPERMARKET check them out, plus you can have an amazing game from 6000 rwf ($6).


If you love cookies and you don’t have enough time to bake around Xmas, a cookie jar is the best Xmas gift. You know when it comes to Xmas It is all about the simple thing, the small details matters.

If you were wondering what to get for your family this Xmas those are the easy, accessible gifts that you can find anywhere.


Well if you are extra like me and want to send gifts to friends and coworkers here are some ideas that can make your job easier:


If you want to gift your coworkers and you don’t want to spend so much money , the easiest first gift would be some chocolate , who doesn’t love chocos ? it can be a chocolate jar or just some chocolate bars and add a little personalized note to make it memorable.

Xmas gifting is all about intention and creating memories, you don’t have to rob the bank.


Another way to bond with your friends during Xmas season is through a selfcare date, if you know a friend that is spending Xmas alone this would be perfect. It can be a simple nail appointment, waxing etc.. just show them you remembered them plus this doesn’t require lots of money if you have a tight budget, It is between 10-15k including the drinks and there so many cute places in Kigali you can visit for this experience without breaking the bank.


This is the best gift you can give to your friend especially in this new age where you need subscription to enjoy amazing things. It can be any subscription netflix, airtime, book club or even the gym anything as long as it is something your friend likes.

Plus around this period there is so many discount so it will mean the world to them and it will save you some coins.


This is going to be the longest category cause i m sharing gifts for her and him so if you are planning to get something for your partners take notes.


We are starting with gifts for girlfriends, mother and wifeys cause you know LADIES FIRST, here are some few and personalized gift you can get for your partner.


To be honest this would be a perfect and thoughtful gift for any plant lover . First of all plants are not expensive ,they are easy to take care of plus it is something you can have for a long time. If your partner is new to the plant caring life get them a low maintenance plant and for this TABA PLANTS got you covered for amazing plants and also they are also having a 20% off during this festive season by using the code Xmas20% so go get your lover a beautiful plant.

Plants are like pets but also if you not a plant mom you can also have a plant as a part of your interior design so if you wanted to come up with a creative Xmas idea for your girlfriend this is the first one.


Women love fragrance and you can get great quality fragrances for your partner without breaking the bank. I love gifting perfumes and body mist cause they are beautiful and very needed in life but you have to be careful with this type of gift make sure you know someone preference before buying. For affordable and very effective perfumes my first plug is GOOD LIFE RW they have perfumes from 4000 rwf to more.

My second plug is a little shop in KIGALI town that does perfume refill, they have all these expensive perfume and you just buy small bottles and go there for a refill every once in a while. I have been buying from them since 2019 and their small bottles last for 3 months at only 2000 rwf if it is something you can be interested in , hit me on IG and i will link you up.


If your partner loves everything selfcare get them a selfcare kit for Christmas it can range from makeup kit to skincare kit. As I mentioned a lot in this blog around this period there is so many discount happening so it is the best time to buy quality products at an affordable price and this would be the best gift for your partner.

You can check more ideas in this blog : christmas-gift-guide-for-women-2019


The next session is men section which can be hard and tricky sometimes because men gifts are somehow pricy and picky but here are some simple and few ideas :


This is the first, easy and simple gift you can get for your men during Xmas , they are cute and last forever so if you have been wondering what to get for him this is it.

The best plug is Glim Jewelry on Instagram i have been shopping there and i swear the QUALITY is amazing at a very affordable price.


I know this may be cliché but sis who doesn’t use an agenda ? Who doesn’t like one ? And if he works in a corporate area this is the best gift ever.

The best plug for beautiful agenda is Charisma bookstore KIGALI HEIGHTS and for an affordable version T2000 got you covered.


If your mans love reading this is another gift you can get him and to make it more spicy get him any motivational or inspirational book it can be about money, career related, science etc.. Just make sure you get him something he would be interested to dive in.

I would suggest you get him a physical book they make the reading process more enjoyable but pricey and my best plug for this CHARISMA BOOK STORE of course or if you can’t get one a soft copy is also a good option.

Those were my 12 easy and creative gifts for Xmas that you can get to anyone that you love, let us all spread love in this festive season. What is your favorite gift ? Let me know in the comment section.

See you next year have a MERRY MERRY XMAS and an amazing year of 2023.

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