We are finally doing this !! Today I am so excited to review the famous Glowforce serum and i am going to give you all the tea .I have been using this serum for a month and today I am honestly going to tell you if it is worth the hype or not so make sure you read this blog till the end for all the juice.

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Now that we are caught up in my previous reviews where do I start with this one ? I feel like I have so much things to say but I don’t know how to start but first let’s have a common back ground of what Glowforce is and how I discovered the brand.


is an independent Rwandan brand founded by CHEYMUV check her out on Instagram and YouTube she is killing it. Glowforce make luxurious hair and body products which are 100% natural and organic also cruelty free.

I love everything about the brand and if they keep working as they do one day they will be in a international brand ( Manifesting this !!! AMEN !!!). It was founded in 2019 i believe and has been doing an amazing job since then, I have seen so many reviews on the internet and today I am adding my little spice .

I came to know the brand thanks to the owner because she is a famous Rwandan youtuber I enjoy her content which evolves around beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle and let me tell you her skin and hair are goals so when she announced about her brand I think I was among the first followers and trying this brand was in my plans since 2020 and I thank God I finally did it.

I know you may wonder why it took me so long to try their brand so the answer is they sell out super fast so whenever I wanted to buy they were always out of stock and this year they restocked around my birthday so I got myself one of their famous serum and here we are. I am going to review it and give you my honest opinion.

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This fresh serum comes in a recyclable container and it is a 30ml bottle. I love the packaging the applicator is super cute and easy to use. I love that you can take this serum with you anywhere it is travel friendly if you are someone who is always on the move this is the product that you can take with you anywhere.

Also one thing I have noticed is that the packaging has been changing all over the time and I am here for the improvement so far so good I am not complaining.

For the packaging i gave it 10/10 , simple and cute like it gives what it is suppose to give and the applicator makes the process super smooth.


This serum is made of Rose Hip Seed Oil that is rich in Vitamin A and helps in promoting cell regeneration for a more radiant skin. I couldn’t get the whole information on their website because they are working on a their next restock but I know that rose hip seed oil is good at repairing your skin after sun damage and can even reverse signs of aging caused by too much sun.

It also helps with trapping moisture in your skin and protect your skin against damage thanks to vitamin F,for more information check their instagram at Glowforce.


This is an important thing i learned while using this product and you must pay attention to how you apply this serum, iff you want to see the results here is how you apply it:

  • Make sure your face is clean first ( it’s obvious) and you only need 2 to 3 drops not too much.
  • Apply the serum on a damp skin which means applying it on a skin that still has moisture not dry for example after washing your face apply the serum right away don’t wait for your skin to be too dry. I personally think that this will help your skin absorb very well the serum.
  • Massage the serum lightly into your skin : don’t just apply it and leave it, massage the serum very carefully in a circle motion but the key point here don’t apply too much force you can tap in the serum into your skin or massage it lightly for at least a minute make sure that the product get into the skin.
  • Use it twice a day for quick results : I love applying my products during the night they are more effective and better absorbed into the skin than during the daytime.

Follow these steps and your skin will thank you later.


This part right here is one of the reason why we are gathered here, I know you clicked on my blog to know all the tea and m going to give to you with no filters.

So does this serum work ? Let me start from the beginning ..

When I started using this product I wasn’t impressed in the first weeks but things changed with time.

When I started this whole glow getter journey I thought I was going to see the results in a short period and I was wrong. One thing I learned about skin care is that results take time and patience ( which is one of the things that we humans don’t have) so the first weeks were not giving , to be honest I was disappointed I remember telling my friends it was a scam and now looking back I am so sorry i said that ( we live and we learn i was sooo wrong) you are going to know why in the next paragraphs.

Even if i was disappointed I kept using the product( i invested in it so i must keep pushing) after 3 weeks I started seeing the results. My skin was glowing so much and the breakouts stopped especially in my cheek areas, I used to breakout a lot in my cheek areas and forehead ( especially during my ovulation and periods due to hormones) but with the serum it stopped. I still have hormonal breakouts but apart from that my skin is glowing like the glow is real. Even though i was glowing my skin was becoming so dry that i need to apply more serum or a strong moisturizer so if you are planning to buy this serum make sure you have a strong moisturizer after.

People started complimenting my skin and I could see it too and i loved what I was seeing and one thing for sure if you want to see good and beneficial results use this product for at least 3 months and i also think i will update this blog after 3 months for all the tea but so far this product does work , here the advantages:

Advantage of using the fresh face serum :

  • This serum helps in stopping acne and blemishes
  • Make the skin glow in a natural way , in my experience my skin didn’t have that oily moisturized glow but it has this bright, radiant, healthy and youthful glow.

Disadvantage of this serum :

Even if it stop the acne and breakout there are things that I didn’t like about this serum :

  • you can’t use this serum alone: When I started using this serum I realized that after the application your skin tends to be dry and you are required to apply a moisturizer right after. I personally think that it decrease the oil production so you will need a strong moisturizer to balance that. I also did my research to support this statement after a serum it is better to apply a moisturizer. You can check the step of a good skincare routine here. If you don’t have a moisturizer it is okay but make sure you apply your serum very well so that you don’t experience dryness during the day. I wouldn’t recommend this serum to people with already a dry skin ( unless if you use a strong moisturizer after), I think this work with people with oily or combined skin.
  • It doesn’t help with acne scars: Even though the breakouts reduced I still have my scars so if you want to get rid of them I would recommend using a product specialized for that.
  • Apply it twice if you want to see the results: this is not an overnight miracle product but it is those product that you have to apply consistently if you want to see the results.
  • Have a skincare routine: You can not rely on this product only ( in my experience) you still need to do your skincare routine or start one if you don’t have too. Here is a how you can start your skincare routine.

Would i recommend this ?

Definitely yes but you have to be patient and consistent with this one , another thing I would highly recommend is to do your own research, know your skin and what its needs ( I did a whole blog about skin type read it here). Don’t just buy things because they are trending do it for you . Sometimes most of those trendy products are not worth the hype so make sure you read reviews like these ones to know what you are getting yourself into.

I loved trying out the Glowforce fresh face serum and I am also going to try out other of their products especially their multi use butter. This serum was a 6/10 because it worked for me in the first month but after my skin went back to breaking out maybe it is because i didn’t have an appropriate skincare routine or maybe it wasn’t for my skin type and maybe i will give it another try and I am looking forward to their next restock so i can try other of their products. See you next time besties xoxo

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