3 fashion habits to adopt

Dear fashion lover, on today’s blog i am sharing with you 3 easy fashion hacks you can incorporate in your life and it will instantly improve your style.

Styled by France is all about easy fashion tips that you can use to improve your personal style. Whether if it’s revamping your wardrobe or just looking for a fresh perspective, these easy fashion hacks will guide you toward a more stylish and polished look.

In a world where first impression matters make sure that your wardrobe reflects who you are, that it gives polished, unique, enhance your appearance and boost your confidence.

Let’s dive in and discover how you can transform your fashion style today!

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The first easy fashion hack in improving your fashion style is by getting rid of things you no longer wear, what’s the use of having a wardrobe full of items you no longer use? Remove every item you haven’t worn in 6 months, those MAYBE pieces don’t need space in your wardrobe. Decluttering will help you get rid of things you no longer wear and it can also make you money by selling them on second hand store page on Instagram if they are still in good conditions of course.

This should be an exercise you should do every 6 months as you are re-evaluating your goals also check your wardrobe and do some little decluttering remove all the things you no longer wear and remain with those items you love and wear most of the time.


As we grow our style change as well, the things you used to wear when you were in your early 20s are no longer the same thing you wear in your late 20s or early 30s, as you grow, your lifestyle change, you start working , going to different places and your wardrobe changes as well. It is very important to be aware of those changes and dress accordingly.

For example if you graduated from university and you started a corporate job you need to start dressing like a corporate girl that is why throughout the years you have to assess if your wardrobe aligns with your lifestyle and personal style. If you don’t know your personal style, i made a whole blog about it you can read it here. It will guide you on how you can build yours in a very simple way.

Your style is not going to be affected by job only, fashion trends also affect it. The fashion industry keep on changing, trends emerging from season to seasons so it is very key to know what is trending and make all the necessary adjustment which will add a freshness touch to your wardrobe this will make you look on point. I would suggest you incorporate trends that goes well with your personal style not every trend needs to be adopted and remember to maintain your own style through the process.


I don’t know if i am the only one noticing but this year all the trends and popular looks are revolving around basic wardrobe items. You need to have more white t shirts, simple blue jeans and cute blazers, you can’t never go wrong with these items and they never go out of style. If you want to improve your wardrobe invest in quality wardrobe basics.

Read more about wardrobe basics: 10-wardrobe-essentials-every-girl-needs/ and also watch my video around of Fashion essentials you need your wardrobe, click here to watch.

Those are my simple 3 tips that can help you improve your style, which one are trying now? Let me know in the comment section. See you in another blog beautiful xoxo !

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