The Makeup industry has been growing in the past couple of years thanks to the rising popularity of beauty trends, social media influence, and the booming entertainment industry. This expansion offers numerous opportunities for aspiring makeup artists to carve out successful careers. If you ever wanted to be a makeup artist here in Rwanda today i am sharing with you the best makeup products and where you can buy makeup products by the help of the phenomenal Yvonne Makeup artist where in this blog she will give you glimpse into her universe.

Yvonne Makeup artist

Yvonne Makeup artist is a highly skilled and creative makeup artist with over 4 years of experience in the beauty industry. Known for her exceptional ability to enhance natural beauty, Yvonne has worked with a diverse clientele ranging from bridal, shoots, events, where she also offers mobile service so she can come to you in the comfort of your own home by ensuring each client feels confident and radiant. Yvonne’s passion for makeup artistry is matched only by her dedication to staying current with the latest trends and techniques, making her a sought-after artist for any occasion.

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Finding quality makeup products in Kigali isn’t easy, because we don’t have stores with variety of makeup brands in Kigali, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find quality makeup at affordable price in Kigali.

If you are planning to became a makeup artist, and you are wondering what are the essential makeup products to put in your makeup kit and where to grab them in Kigali or outside of Rwanda at an affordable price I got you.


Maybelline foundation - a very affordable foundation
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

We are starting from the foundation, I would recommend the Maybelline fit me foundation, what I love about this foundation is that it is a medium coverage foundation, it have a wide range of color shades and It work perfectly on all skin types and above all it’s affordable if you are a beginner this is the perfect choice for you.

If you wondering where to buy it check the online store on Instagram @glowqueenzbeautystore, what I love about this store is their prices, you don’t need to break the bank to buy from it and they have other different makeup products you can buy. Also if u can find a way of buying it on Amazon, it will be better because it’s cheaper. Click here to get yourself some.


A primer is a must have in your makeup kit as a makeup artist, you can’t apply your foundation without priming your face. Read more about the role of a primer here.

A primer that I would recommend to a freelance Makeup artist is the Rimmel stay matte, this primer work good on people who have oily skin and the Elf grip primer on those how have normal to dry skin, those two primer are affordable and give a perfect finish.

Buy the Rimmel stay matte & elf grip primer at it’s also a online store based in Kigali, @glownqueenzbeutystore also have those primer.


A concealer I would recommend to beginner is the Elf camo concealer & la girl pro concealer, la girl pro concealers are known as the most popular concealer especially for medium to dark skin tone, most makeup artist have been using this concealer in the past, it’s lightweight, easy to blend and above all it’s affordable.

On the other side, if u want a concealer which is affordable and work like high end brand concealer, pick the elf camo concealer, this full-coverage liquid concealer covers up blemishes and under-eye circles while delivering a boost of hydration to your skin. The lightweight, blendable formula corrects and perfects giving you a smooth, satin, crease-resistant finish.

Buy all this concealer at @ beautybarkenya this store is based in Nairobi Kenya and what I love about this store is that they ship in Kigali, the have many makeup products, the affordable and the high end brand. You can check them on Instagram.

You can buy those concealer in Rwanda too on these store: @ cocolaitcosmetics, @mwizahaus, @glowqueenzbeautystore check them on Instagram.


Maybelline fit me have amazing powders including loose and pressed powders, If you are wondering what powder to add to your kit, pick the Maybelline fit me. This powder Provides the perfect finishing touch to the makeup base, helps to control shine and smooth skin’s texture and keep the foundation in place for long.

Buy the fit me foundation on these those stores: @glowqueenzbeaytystore and and they are all located in Kigali and have an online store on Instagram, you can also check @miette_unik_ makeup, she is a makeup artist, she own a makeup studio in town and check her Instagram, she sell quality makeup products.

If u can find a way to buy the powder on Amazon, u will find it at a cheaper price by clicking the here.


Lipsticks are the everyone’s favorite makeup products and here are some that I highly recommend:

  • Maybelline super stay lipstick: if u want a matte lipstick that can last all day try the Maybelline lipsticks. Buy it at these stores: @beautybarkenya, @cocolaitcosmetics, @miette _unik_makep, or on Amazon by clicking here.
  • Milani matte lipsticks: it’s affordable and you can find it easy in Kigali. Buy it at Monaco cosmetics in town.
  • Wet& wild: this the best lipstick you can buy below 5$. Buy it on: Amazon here.
  • Nyx butter gloss: this gloss is non- sticky gloss formula and softens the lip while giving a hint of color and shine. Buy them on : or on Amazon click here to shop.


IF you are looking for a pigmented blush I definitely recommend the elf blush palette, what I love more about this palette is that it has 4 different shades that means it can work on different skin tones.

Buy this beautiful palette on Amazon HERE.


Maybelline master chrome highlighter

if you want a highlighter that work on different skin types and undertones that is pigmented and give a brilliant glowing skin add the Maybelline master chrome highlighter to your makeup bag.

A highlighter is known to add an illuminating touch on your makeup, you can read more about how and where to apply your highlighter here. Buy the highlighter on @beautybarkenya or on Amazon at only $7.99, click here to shop.


As a makeup artist you need a good setting spray to set all your makeup and hold it in place for a flawless finish and an affordable option I would recommend is the NYX setting spray, what I love about this spray is that it have the matte finish for those with oil skin and the dew finish for those with dry skin, this setting spray can keep your makeup in place up to 16 hours.

You can find this setting spray easily if you are in Kigali in the store I listed above, or on Amazon click here to shop.


As a beginner makeup artist, I would recommend a palette you can create many look with it ( either nude or colorful ) and that is high pigmented, the best option is the Morphe eyeshadow palette a little pricey, but worth the money. Buy this beautiful palette on @beautybarkenya.

If u can’t afford this Morphe palette, check the makeup revolution eyeshadow palette. the only thing I don’t like about this palette is that is small, so you don’t have many color as the Morphe palette. Buy the revolution eyeshadow palette on on Instagram.


These days everyone want their eyelashes to pop so as a makeup artist you need a mascara that add volume and length to the lashes, the perfect choose is the essence mascara, very affordable and does the job perfectly. Buy this mascara on Amazon, click here to shop.


if u’ re on budget and u you want a liner that work on lash liner top and below, it would recommend the Maybelline gel eyeliner. This liner is waterproof, doesn’t smudge and it easy to use. Buy this eyeliner on Amazon HERE.


Mkaeup storage tips

Lastly you need to add makeup tools to your kit like makeup brushes, makeup sponge, eyelashes, tweezers, etc. As a beginner there’s no need to buy expensive tools. I would recommend to check them on Kikuu, they offer various products at an affordable price.

Those are the main products you need to start your makeup kit as a beginner makeup artist, if you have other questions related on how to be a makeup artist in Rwanda, make sure you subscribe to my channel here, more content are coming. See you in another blog xoxo !

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