Hello it’s been a long time since i posted. I have been busy with my nieces and work and i was a way for a while , but here i am.

Today m going to share with my love for the black color .

Recently i noticed that most of my clothes were black and i knew i was in love  with BLACK COLOR .

The beautiful thing about it is that it goes with everything like events , weather and all skin colors , everybody looks beautiful in black.

I am going to share with you my look of the day , i wore all black expect my shoes.

It was very sunny i almost burnt alive as an advice never wear all black in summer.

unless if it s in the evening but during the day it s not good.

I missed wearing black and in the morning it was all cloudy and i was like why not ? but what happened in the afternoon made me regret it .


you can wear this look either going to work , hanging out with the girls , for a job interview.

You can wear this outfit for a black party , this is a simple look that you can wear anywhere and looks good on everyone .


This was my make up look for the day , i don t like wearing to much make up in summer.

Hope you guys enjoyed it , don t forget to like and follow me and thanks for your time.


 love you xoxo

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