Today on the blog i am going to start fashion blog series of where to shop MADE IN RWANDA items in Kigali.

This is a great way to share with you different brands that sell beautiful and unique pieces.

Whenever you visit or are in Rwanda this blog series will be like a guide to where to shop MADE IN RWANDA items.

In the first episode of these series i am going to talk about ” UZI COLLECTIONS” which is Rwandan brand located in Kicukiro.


It was founded by 2 beautiful women Lauren and Nathalie in 2015 and it’s main goal is:

“to create a brand of impact that empowers young people and to increase the economy of Rwanda through the fashion industry. “

They have 5 collections so far and the latest collection was called ALTAR SS20 COLLECTION that was presented during the Collective RW fashion week 2019.

The pants in the picture is one of the pieces of the latest collection worn by the rwandan blogger PINKYMOODS.


The material of this floral piece is a very good quality , beautiful and available in their store.

5 Things i love about UZI collections

1.They are very supportive

The first thing i love about UZI collections is that they are supportive.

When i approached them for this blog post i was so scared that they may not reply .

It was not my first time that i pitched a brand and was rejected or didn’t hear from them.


But it was different with them they accepted my request and helped me out and it is something i real appreciate.

May God bless them , thank you for this opportunity.

If you are reading this and you are all about WOMEN EMPOWERMENT please get yourself an UZI collections piece and support our Queens.

2. They have clothes for every occasions

The other thing i loved about this brand is that they have clothes for every occasion: office wear, casual and ceremony outfits at an affordable price.


From dresses to skirt and pants and they also have men and child section, isn’t that cute?

Their pieces are affordable don’t hesitate to buy from them.

You are looking for cute and unique tops ? there is no better place to get one of these than UZI collections.

This beautiful unisex cardigan is one of the pieces that caught my attention during my visit there.

It is one of these pieces that you can wear every time , every where and you can style it differently depending on your personal style.

The quality of their clothes is very good and it is something you can wear for a long time with no color fading problem.

If you have a special occasion i am pretty sure that they will find the perfect piece for you.

3. Beautiful Shop

The other thing i loved about the shop is the location,it is located in Kicukiro in the building near Ziniya Market.

If you live around or in Kicukiro this is the place to buy your made in Rwanda pieces.

Inside the shop it is a very beautiful,quiet and friendly space , the decoration is on top i really loved it.

This place is beautiful from inside and out.

They even sell books if you want to get your hands on MY NAME IS LIFE book get yourself a copy at UZI COLLECTIONS.

4. They offer discounts

Who doesn’t love discounts ?I am a big fan of discounts and that is something you can find at UZI collections.

Make sure to stay tuned with their Instagram page to know when they have their discount up and get yourself some goodies, don’t say i didn’t tell you !

5. They have a visitors book

This is the cutest thing ever and that was my first time seeing a visitor book and i think it is a very kind gesture.

visitor notebook - UZI COLLECTIONS

this shows that the brand cares about their customers and the feedback and that is a pretty nice thing, i think that other brands should learn from them.

If you are in Kigali make sure to get yourself some Uzi collections pieces, take a picture and feel free to tag me.

Is there any other place you want me to visit ? share your thoughts in the comment section xoxo !!

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