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It is that time of the year again, i am happy we are ending 2021 and there is no better way to end this year than ending it in style.

Today on the blog i am sharing with you 5 outfit inspiration on what to wear during Christmas either parties or small gatherings, if you have been on a hunt on what to wear to different events you are attending during this period this blog is for you.

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Let’s start with the basic things you need to know about Christmas Fashion.

  • THE COLORS YOU NEED TO WEAR : In case you didn’t notice during this period people wear mostly red, green and white which is different from fall fashion where people go for neutrals and brownish colors. so I think with this first tip you will start to have ideas on which clothing you need to pay more attention while choosing an outfit during the holidays.
  • IT’S ALL ABOUT GLAMING UP AND SHINE: The thing I love about Christmas is the light and sparkles everywhere so while choosing an outfit during this time don’t be afraid to wear your vibrant colors, sequin dresses and all shiny stuff you own. And remember sis your red lipstick will play a big role in this period.
  • ACCESSORIES ARE A MUST: As I said we are glamming up and sis your accessories game should be up and up during this time. Yes we will go back to basic after this December now let’s end the year all glammed up.

Now that we have some basic tips let’s dive into the outfit inspiration.


Let’s start these outfit inspirations with a casual red blouse with a blue jean paired with a pair of boots, you can wear this going to a small family gathering or church gathering, anything small and fancy this outfit will be perfect. This is a very simple and casual look you can rock at anytime of the year not only during Christmas holidays.

If you want to make this more Christmas you can replace this blouse with a red knitwear top .

You can also pair this red blouse with a cute white skirt for a more chic and feminine look in case you want to give your jeans a break.


If you are attending a party during Christmas time and you don’t know what to wear a sequin dress or jumpsuit is always a good idea. You can go for black, red or green sequin dress, sis you are not going to regret choosing this.

You can wear this dress to a Christmas dinner, office party or Christmas eve. Sequin is made for Christmas parties don’t say i didn’t tell you.


As i mentioned in my previous post knitwear are here to stay and if you are looking for a party dress during Christmas days a knitwear dress is a good choice. You can pair this dress with boots

You can go for long or short knitwear dress it depends on your liking but I highly recommend going for a long one and pair with cute pair of nude sandals and babe you will look stunning.


Another outfit inspiration for Christmas time is a beautiful sweater paired with a satin skirt you can also add a leather jacket for a more vibrant look. For the shoes you can either add a pair of nude sandals or sneakers ( if you are like me and you are not a big fan of heels) . Here the biggest secret is to use vibrant colors if you want your outfit to give more Christmas vibe and this look right here is very comfortable.

You can rock this outfit anywhere at your dinner, party, church service, anywhere sis.


The last outfit inspiration is a pleated skirt with a sweater, you can go for a red or green pleated skirt with a white puff sleeve sweater and sis this look is a vibe. A whole vibe !!!

Pleated skirt are really good items to wear during Christmas especially when it is a satin pleated skirt because they are chic and elegant, they give this shiny touch we want for Christmas Holidays.

Those are my 5 outfit inspiration for Christmas times is there any other outfit i left out ? If you have one please share in the comment section.

Hope you enjoyed this blog, see you next time in another blog xoxo.

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