I am very excited for this new year we are starting and before we dive in today’s blog I want to wish you all the best for this new year. May this year be the year that changes your life, bring more happiness, joy, success, health and wealth. I also want to thank you for being there for me in this blogging journey, it has been rough sometimes I felt like giving up but I kept going because of you, you believed in me when i couldn’t believe in myself so thank you for your time, support, you are appreciated !

Today on the blog I am doing a different type of blog which is MY WISHLIST FOR 2022 this is actually my first WISHLIST BLOG and I hope in the future I will be able to do more of these.

In today’s blog i am going to share with you things i want to buy/ own in this new year in all categories( fashion, beauty, decor etc…). This year i want to be intentional with everything which also include my shopping habits, i hope this blog encourages you to make a Wishlist and be intentional this year, let’s dive in the blog now.



Let’s start with the fashion category, this year i want to build a functional wardrobe full of clothes that i can style differently and wear whenever so here are some of the items i want to buy this year.

I also made a blog about essentials you need in your wardrobe and how you can build your personal style , if you are interested click here to read.


I never owned a leather jacket and that is the first thing i am getting this year. One thing I love about leather jackets Is that they are versatile ( go with everything ) and they are affordable so yeah I am getting one this year. I am also getting a leather trouser to create sexy and very feminine looks you guys are not ready. I have been feeling so good in my body and I want to dress accordingly, when you feel good you dress good. PERIODT !!

Here are some Leather goodies you can also grab :


I am enlarging my dress collection this year, as I said in the previous paragraph I feel sooo good in my body. I have the weight I always dreamt of so I want to dress it !! you guys are not ready for the looks I want to try, yes we are doing this in 2022.

Here are some dresses I want to get before summer and also click on any dress that you like to shop:


I wanted this type of jeans since last year i tried to look for it in Kigali but i couldn’t get my hands on them and we are trying again this year. I don’t know if these pants are still a thing but your girl wants them. Nasty girl has so many amazing split jeans and they are having a sale now ( which means they are super affordable now) make sure you buy before the sales ends.

Here are some cute finds for you :


The second category is beauty, i am going to share with you some beauty products i am adding in my collection this year. Another thing i want to try is establishing a consistent skincare routine, I have been sleeping on this for super long and I think this year I am changing. Wish me luck so let’s go into these beauties.


This year I am owning a Fenty beauty product, periodt !! You can’t tell me nothing lol. I have seen so many good reviews about Fenty beauty products so this year i am getting either a beauty product or one product from their skincare line. Girl i am becoming a Fenty Beauty babe this year, Amen. I have loved their lip glosses , foundations and i hope i will get to try them soon.

If you always wanted to get me a gift for my birthday i m giving you a lead, bookmark this blog.

Here are some Fenty beauty products people have been talking about that i think you should try.





I am trying glow force this year, YES !! after so many doubt and hesitation i am trying their products this year. If you don’t know Glowforce is a Rwandan and women led brand, i have been eyeing thier products for years i also heard so many good and bad reviews about this brand and i want to give it a try. I want to try their body multi purpose butter and their hair products, i am looking for something fresh, moisturizing that get into the skin and give me the glow .

Whenever they restock they sell out first so i want to also see what the hype is about, so make sure you watch my IG stories cause i upload daily there.


I have been eyeing this brand on ig for months , this is also a Rwandan brand and they do hair products and i want to try their products you know and support local businesses. I want to try their oil, my hair has been dry so i want to try them. I will do a review on my blog so stay tuned for some bomb content this year.


In the last category which is the lifestyle category I am sharing so many products that are more about self development, skincare , décor. I want to invest in things that reflect who i am, i want to glow? grow in all aspects of my life so here are the things I want to get this year.

7. A journal

The first thing i want to get my hands on is a journal, this whole year I have been journaling in a regular notebook because i was so lazy to get a journal but now we are kicking the laziness out and I m getting a journal. In 2020 I got my journal from charisma bookstore which is located in KIGALI HEIGHTS, they got the best journals with bible verses on each page and that is exactly what I want. The last time I was there their prices ranged from 8k-15k so if I get mine I will give you an update.

I also want a devotional journal, I am building and nurturing my relationship with God and this is another thing that will help me through this journey.

Here are some journals i found for you online:


Guys this year I want to redecorate my room this is one of my top goals i want to accomplish this year. As I told you that I am being more intentional and i want to build a lifestyle that reflects who I am and this is part of the plan. I want people to look at my place ( if i go back to work outside Kigali) and my room( when i am home) and see me.

As you get to know yourself it is very crucial to start aligning with things that truly represent you. Here are some of the pieces i have in mind.


The first thing i want to get is wall art décor, i don’t have any in my room so i am willing to get one this year. T2000 has beautiful and affordable décor , I also have a whole board on p interest with different ideas that i would to try. The idea i am going for is simple, girl boss inspiration quotes . I want a wall art that I will look at and feel inspired on my lazy days.


Another thing i want to add into my room decor is PLANTS, i am starting off with fake ones because i am not always home to look after them but i am planning to change this with time.

Here are some inspirations:


In the future i am planning to be a full time content creator and i need a space where i can work calmly and if God allows me i want to create a small working place in my room so stay tunned for this by following me on my Instagram and youtube channel.

Here are the links to my socials just in case you are not following me:


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This is my wishlist for this year nothing crazy but important things. Share with me your Wishlist and tell me what you want to see next on the blog in the comment section. See you next time xoxo

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