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Welcome to another blog where i just share things that i have been loving, experiencing or advise about life in general. It’s been a while since i wrote something down and to be honest i missed my creative side and today i was like why not share some of the few things/ trends i have been loving in this year and also feel free to share yours as well.



Let’s start with the fashion trends I have been loving and to be honest this year the fashion scene was very colorful and here are the things I have been loving:


I don’t know if it’s the Barbie movie fever going around but I have been seeing a lot of pink outfits and I am here for it, to be honest I think I am switching from black and white to more colorful outfits because Chile 2023 is serving colors and I am here for it.

This is the first trend I have been loving and seeing creators creating so many pink outfits i was in awe and i am getting some pink vibrant outfits from now on. STAY TUNED FOR THAT !


Cargo pants have been killing it for a while and we all know that cargo pants are worn especially during cold seasons but this year it was different there were so many cargo cute outfits on the summer scene and I am here for it. You can check out how i style them here.

Monroe Steele is one of the fashion bloggers that made me fall in love with cargo pants she styles them effortlessly and I am here for it.

The first thing I love about cargo pants is that they can be worn in any season and anywhere it all depends on how you style them they are very versatile. I love a versatile piece and I linked one of my favorite from Amazon just in case you want to grab a pair.


I don’t know if it is me but have you guys seen how much people are rocking basic outfits? You know those outfit that give no effort energy but they still look together ? For example rocking a blue jean with a simple white top with sandals and still look BOMB AF !! Yeah those type of outfits are still one of my favorite trends . Celebrities like Kim Kardashian made casual look more cool so if you are still struggling with not fnding what to wear start with simple items you have in your wardrobe. If you want more inspiration you can check my blog about items you should have in your wardrobe here and how you can create your personal style here as well.


Now on to the beauty trends that i have been loving this far.

  1. GINGER DYED HAIR : Colorful hair have been a thing and this is one of the trend i jumped on because the moment i saw it i was like i am doing it. I grew up as a very shy person and dying my hair was the last thing on my Wishlist but when i saw melanin queens like Teyana Talyor, Cheymuv and other influential people with dyed hair i was like why not ? and i went for it and trust i never felt so beautiful in my life.
  2. RED LIPSTICK: The red lipsticks are back and i am here for it, i still love a good nude lippie or even a a simple lipgloss but trust me there is so much beauty and elegancy in wearing a red lipstick.


For the lifestyle trend category i have been loving the wellness and selfcare trend going around, i have been loving how people are investing in their mental wellbeing , protecting their energy , being woke about their overall health and here are the coolest lifestyle trend i have been loving and trying.

  1. READING BOOKS: Reading books never went of style but recently i have been seeing so many people reading than ever especially physical books. I have been reading one or two books per month and it has been helping me a lot in my lifestyle and wellness journey.
  2. GOING TO THE GYM: Everybody is going to the gym lately , have you seen it? and i know a lot of people don’t like the idea but yoo this is the best thing you can do for yourself. I also started going to the gym once in a week and do my home workouts everyday and i have been feeling so much happy and put together in my body and i am never going to stop doing this.
  3. THERAPY : Every video i watch or podcast i listen to is talking about therapy , i never been to therapy but it is something i want to try this year. We have to take care of our mental health and that’s on periodt.

Those are the trends i have been seeing on the internet, which one did you try ? Also share one you didn’t see mentioned here.

It was so nice to write down some of my thoughts , if you enjoyed this blog let me know in the comment section and if there is something you want me to talk about please do not hesitate to drop it in the comment, see you next time xoxo!

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