Welcome to another fashion blog where I am going to share with you 6 transitional outfit for fall you can create with items you already have in your wardrobe. My personal style in these days is evolving around basic, mono chromos anything that gives minimal, put together and stylish at the same time if that’s your vibe to this is your blog.

I don’t know about you but I love cold season because of the fashion in this season you can layer and create so many looks during fall than summer, there are so many fashion shows happening here and there, trends emerging, in few words for fashion lovers this is our seasons.

Today we are talking about transitional pieces and how to style them. IF you are wondering what transitional is and what it has to do with fashion this blog is for you but before we get into that you can check my other fall blogs down here.

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Transitional look for fall - what to wear when it is cold Styled by France
transitional look for fall

Before we dive into the pieces we need to have a common understanding of a transitional outfit and how you can create one.

First Transitional comes from the word transition which is a process of changing from one state to another so a transitional outfit is that outfit you rock when you are changing from one season to another it can be an outfit from summer to fall, fall to winter or even from fall to winter it is that outfit you can rock in between those seasons.

For today’s main topic it is that outfit you can rock when it’s not too hot or too cold, that outfit you can slay during summer and autumn. This kind of outfit must be warm, cozy , not too much but also stylish that is a transitional outfit.

The one thing I love about a transitional outfit is that you can create it using basic items you already have in your wardrobe which spares you of unnecessary shopping . here is a blog on basic items every girl should have just in case you need inspo, so let’s dive in.



  • Have wardrobe basics: To first come up with an effective transitional outfit you need basics, those items you can use to come up with any outfit for example a black top, blue jeans, blazers etc.. those are basics that every girl should have, i made a whole blog about it if you are interested read it here. I have been preaching about basics and if you don’t already have some few pieces well sis you need too . One thing you need to keep in mind is that when shopping basics go for classics pieces not trends because most of the time trends don’t last for long so buy that piece that can be worn whenever.
  • LAYERING: Another important tip in creating a transitional outfit is knowing how to layer your outfit especially if you are transitioning in a cold season. You need warm pieces for this it can be a cardigan, blazer or even a trench coat but with a transitional outfit go for a light layering that one piece you can wear when it is hot or cold the best layering piece for this scenario is a leather jacket which can be rocked in both hot and cold season. As the season keep getting cold you can switch from light layering to heavy layers for more coziness and comfort.

  • ACCESSORIES : Another tip that can help you come up with a transitional outfit is switching up your accessories, this play a big role. You can wear your basic look ( trouser and a top) and for a more fall transition outfit pair it with boots instead of sandals and voila you have a whole transitional outfit which show that accessories are key. Change your hats, glasses anything that give summer vibes must go.

Now that we have like basic knowledge here are some ideas of transitional outfit.


We are starting off with suits which is made of a matching blazer and a trouser or skirt which is normally known as “sets”, suits are timeless pieces that every women need in their wardrobe including me. Suits or sets have different type and designs which are made for different seasons and occasions.

For summer people tend to go for short cute sets cause it’s hot and we all want to be cute and stylish but when the cold days hit the scene we transition to long sleeve blazers and matching trousers. For a fall transitional look I suggest you go for oversized pieces not only they are stylish and trending but also they are very cozy plus you can wear each alone or together, this is an investment you will not regret.

For the colors , popping vibrant colors like hot pink , yellow, green are trending but if you are not into trends like me I suggest you get a black, nude or even white suit set, one you can wear anytime in any season.


Another piece that can help create a transitional outfit is a leather piece it can be a leather jacket, trouser or even skirt. These pieces are very stylish, timeless and cozy.

Leather jackets are highly used as layers in a transitional outfit for example if you are rocking a cute maxi dress and the weather is gloomy you can add a leather jacket and if it’s hot you can put it on your shoulder.

For leather trouser and skirt these are so easy to style and you don’t have to do too much with them because they are outstanding all by themselves, this is a must have in every girl ‘s wardrobe.



Another important tip i can add is that leather pieces are somehow expensive and this is something worth paying for because you can wear them for years and years if the quality is amazing.



You can’t never go wrong with a white oversized shirt, this is a timeless piece every girl should own , they are easy to style , you can throw them on any outfit and you can wear them in any season especially in summer as a throw on.


When you are coming up with a transitional outfit a white oversized shirt can help you create so many looks, you can wear it with a jean alone and pair of boots, with leggings especially black leggings with boots or you can wear it with a knitted vest on top and boots alone this is a master piece.

This item is not too cold not even too hot which is perfect to create a transitional outftit.


It is that time of the year to get your knitted maxi dress out and those boots. This another quiet and simple transitional outfit you can create with items you already own.

This outfit is cute, feminine and cozy, nowadays maxi dress with a side slit are taking over so if you own on it is time to rock it. Another important tip if you want to make this more cozy and comfortable you can also add on a leather jacket or even a blazer it depends on what you like.

Boohoo and forever 21 have amazing sales going on most of dresses that were $30 are now on $12 and below click down below to shop:


As I mentioned in the first paragraph this is the right time to rock your maxi dress but this time you are going for the knitted maxi dress with long sleeves for more coziness and warmth. Knitted items are known for their warmth and comfort during this cold season. YOU CAN WEAR A KNITTED DRESS and STILL OWN THE RUNAWAY.



The last but not least outfit I would love to share with you is monochromatic look which is an outfit made of items of the same color , it can be a white, nude, black , hot pink monochrome look. It doesn’t matter if you have your own personal style you can still try this look, not only it looks good on the outside but it also give chic, elevated , put together touch to your personal style.

I have been more into mono chromos lately , have been wearing more blacks and it feels so good and calm and says a lot about my style, i don’t like too much when i m dressing up i just want to look elegant and put together.

There so many transitional outfit you can create with items you already own, these are the simple and the most basic you can start with, what is your favorite look in the above? Also share your favorite transitional outfit in the comment section. That is all for today’ s fashion blog see you next time xoxo.

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