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One of my big obsession is skincare products , everything that is beauty it’s a YES for me especially any product that make you glow, shine and bring your natural beauty out is a double YES for ME.

Today on the blog I am going to share with you 4 skincare products that I have been using and would highly recommend you to try especially if you want to build an effective skincare routine which is also budget friendly.

I have tried so many products through out the past years and some were amazing and others didn’t pass the test so in this blog I will share the products that you can start off with to build an effective skincare routine depending on your skin type and what you can achieve using each products. But before we get into the products make sure you know your skin type first this will help you avoid a lot of chaos, if you don’t I made a whole blog about skin type you can read it here and i am pretty sure this will be helpful.

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We are starting of with my favorite for all times “the Garnier micellar water” which act as a cleanser.

If you want to start a skincare routine cleansing is very fundamental cause you can’t apply skincare products on a dirty skin so sis a cleanser is a must and my first suggestion is the Garnier micellar cleansing water.

This cleanser is very affordable and the best I ever used. It helps remove makeup from your face, eyes and lips without even rinsing plus it can also be used for sensitive skin and it is also good for all skin types which is a 10 for me so If you are looking for a good cleanser as a beginner I would highly recommend this one.

It comes in 200 and 400 ml which are both available at GGBEAUTY PLACE you can find them on Instagram click here, Garnier has also other range of cleansing water and this is one of the most affordable cleanser you can find ( at only $7-$10) you can check some below and shop one depending on your skin type or what you want to achieve.


Another product that act as a great cleanser is the famous black soap, there so many reviews on black soap and i am here to tell you this is the bomb. I have been using the Dudu osun for years now and i am not planning to swtich up anytime soon but with this one you have to be extra careful.

Dudu osun black soap review

The dudu osun aka the black soap is known for it’s cleansing property it remove all the dirty and remove excess oils so if you have an oily skin this one is for you. I did a whole review about this beauty you can read it here.

For the cleansing part you can either choose one of these products or use both depending on your skin and what you want to achieve . For me i use my black soap daily and i double cleanse when i wear heavy makeup.

This one cost 3k- 4k depending on where you buy it and if you are not in Rwanda you can shop it here.


Enat E cream Vitamin E product review
Enat cream

After cleansing you need to moisturize your skin which is the second step of your skincare routine and the moisturizer i have been using so far is the famous ENAT CREAM which my savior for the past months. Let me tell you this cream is a game changer it contains vitamin E which is known for its anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties it reduce inflammation and makes your skin look younger.

This product has been my go to when it comes to moisturizing my skin it helps me fight acne and live my skin smooth and very soft plus you can use it as a makeup base.

You can buy it from your local pharmacy or Kasha Rwanda and i swear to God I am glad i started using this baddie,


Another key essential in your skincare routine which is also my last one is using a face mask. There are so many different masks for different properties and the one I have been using lately is the hydrating mask which is meant to hydrate and restore the skin.

The one that I love so much is the aloe Vera mask, also did a review here , this mask is so amazing it leaves you feel younger and renewed. Babe if you want to have a beautiful skin make sure you do the first step everyday and scrub once a week and that’s how you nail it.

Those were my 4 effective and affordable step for my skincare routine if there is anything you can add or suggest let me know in the comment section and also share yours i would love to learn from you so see you next time xoxo.

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