Hair products Must have for beginners

Welcome to another hair blog I know it’s been a while since I shared something with you but I am back with a very important blog, Today we are talking about everything hair it means products, tools and everything in between because I have been receiving so many questions on the products I use and how I manage to maintain natural hair so if you have been having those type of question or you just want to be more intentional with your hair this blog is for you.

Not only we will talk about products and tools but I also hope that this blog will inspire you to love your hair it doesn’t matter if it is relaxed or natural just love your hair that is the first step to healthy hair.

If you are on this journey of taking care of your hair this guide will help you know which products to invest in first without breaking the bank and those are the things I wish i knew before i start my natural hair journey.

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Before we get into any other product you need a hair shampoo , you can’t have a successful hair routine without a good shampoo, when looking for a shampoo make sure you know your hair type and the ingredients in the shampoo. some hair damage are due to the products we apply so be careful.

This something I had to learn the hard way, in the past I used to use any shampoo and it resulted in hair breakage and my hair not growing. Recently I have been using the everyday shampoo which costs only 2000rwf ($2) that you can find at Simba SUPERMARKET, you can watch my Hair wash routine here for more details.

Other amazing shampoo you need to check are Shea moisture, Cantu Beauty , dove , Tresemme those are the brands that are highly suggested by most hair gurus. You can shop them at an affordable price from Asos and other amazing brand that ship to Rwanda down below.

P.S : Most of these products are also in our local store you can check T2000, SIMBA SUPER MARKET



Cantu Leave in Conditioner

Another very important hair product you need is a leave in conditioner that goes into your hair after the shampoo, leave in conditioners are known to hydrate your hair and bring your curls back especially if you have natural hair you need a leave in conditioner to restore the moisture and it makes the hair manipulation easy.

The leave in conditioner I used and still use so far is the Cantu Shea butter but now I have transitioned to the Argan oil leave in conditioner( same brand) and I swear it smells nice, defines your curls better than the Shea butter and you get all of that for only 10000 rwf ( can also get it at a lower price in the Nyarugenge City Market).

These leave in conditioner can also be used for styling so this is a double action product every girl should have. I made a product review about this conditioner you can read it here and to be honest this is a MUST HAVE for all my ladies out there. This product is also available on Kasha Rwanda and so many local stores.


You want to maintain your hair all by yourself ? You need to invest in good and effective tools like brushes and afro combs for my natural hair girls especially. Here are some few brushes every girl should own:


Detangling brush from OWN_IT

the first brush you need in your hair kit is a detangling brush used to detangle your hair the amazing thing about these brushes is that they minimize hair breakage and loss.

I got mine from Own it which is a made in Rwanda brand ( the best plug for hair accessories) and I use it on my clean dry hair to just detangle and brush my hair, you can also use it on your wet hair to detangle during your hair wash routine but you have to be super careful with this one, to be honest I didn’t know how to use it before but now that I know I am so glad I invested in this one.


Is this detangling brush worth the hype?

Yes it does because this brush is multi purpose from detangling wet hair to normal brushing this brush does it all but you have to know some few tips on how to use it in order to take full advantage of it. Here is how to use it:

  • YOUR BRUSH FROM THE END TO THE ROOTS: In order to avoid breakage you use this brush by starting from the end of your hair and go up to the roots not the other way round. In this case this will prevent breakage.
  • Be gentle with your hair : this is the best tip to avoid the breakage, by using this brush make sure to be gentle with this one it is more about the technique.
  • SUPER FLEXIBLE BRISTLES: It is has bristles bend that are super flexible which helps in the removal of hair knots.

For the rating I will give it 10/10 cause it does the job, can be used on both wet and dry hair and it is super affordable i got it for only $5 ( 5000 rwf) on Own_it and I highly recommend you get yourself one.

I believe that this brush will also be beneficial for my girls with relaxed hair during their hair wash routine, so get yourself one from OWN_IT.


Another hair brush/comb every girl should have is the wide teeth combing brush which is also another detangling brush it makes the detangling process easier by going through your hair and detangling hair knots plus you can also use it to style your hair.

If you can’t afford a detangling brush these wide teeth combs are very affordable and can be found anywhere in Kigali.



The last brush you need is an edge brush cause we need to secure those edges but if you don’t want to spend your coins (5000 RWF TO BE PRECISE ) on this one you can use your old toothbrush if you know you know.

For beginners those 3 are just IT, they can do the job without you breaking the bank.


Expensive but worthy if you do your own hair but if you don’t this is not for you. A hair dryer is very important in the hair routine, this can help if you want to straighten your hair or even blow dry your hair after your hair wash routine plus it helps you save time when you don’t want to wait for your hair to air dry, You know how messy your hair can be if you let it air dry it can be so hard to maintain and style so I suggest you blow dry it right away to avoid all that mess.

Here are some affordable Hair dryer you can buy online or even go in town KAZI NI KAZI that’s the best plug for affordable and effective products.

Ours was around 15k to 25k (15000 rwf – 25000 rwf) but it was back in 2019 i bet now the price is a little bit here, check them out and let me know in the comment section.



I didn’t know this was important till I started using them, the big part of healthy hair depends on the product we use in them and this is the part where most of us get it wrong. There are different hair products and texture and they all play different roles like there products designed for moisturizing , rejuvenating, styling etc…. so knowing each one is very important. If you want a detailed blog let me know in the comment section.

Today we are starting with Hair oils/ serums which are very liquidly and designed for your scalp. Healthy scalp healthy hair.

Most hair oils i have used are made of castor oil which promote hair growth a MUST HAVE IF YOU WANT TO GROW HEALTHY HAIR and these oils they are not meant to style your hair instead they are made to nurture it.

Hair oil can also be used to remove hair knots after removing your braids you just apply a small amount on the knot and comb gently , this does an amazing job because oils are lubricants, it is very important to know the type of hair you have and the appropriate oil to use , this is a game changer trust me.

So far i use an edge booster elixir from JNATURALS COSMETICS which is a Rwandan based Brand to secure the edges , you can read more about the product here, also i have tried a scalp stimulating serum that does an amazing job to moisturize your scalp you can get it here too.


Another important product you must have in your hair routine kit is a hair mask, our hair is exposed to a lot of sun and chemicals which can lead to a lot of damage and one of the remedies for that is a good hair mask.

You can either make yours at home or buy one that you can apply for at least once in 3 weeks, I personally use my DIY AVOCADO mask you can read more about it here. This mask helps with moisturizing you hair, bring back your curls and make your hair more healthier so if you have been struggling with dry and damaged hair it is time to use a hair mask.

Check some affordable hair mask here:



Hair polisher from ORS

Another major product you need to have is a hair polisher not only it moisturize your hair but also plays a major role in styling. If you have natural hair this product will be a game changer to help you straighten your hair, it makes the process very easy and leaves your hair shinny, straightened and polished. For styling you can apply 2 or 3 drops on your hair after the styling for that extra shine touch.

This is not a must have product but if you are extra and love to do your own hair this is something not to miss in your hair kit. The hair polisher I have been using so far is from ORS and I apply it on my hair when straightening it using my hair dryer, this hair polisher makes the process very easy and effective.

It can be found in local stores i got mine for only 5000 rwf ($5).


Silk bonnet by OWN_IT

Hair bonnets are a must have periodt ! Yes a must have that’s it.

Sis if you are sleeping with no bonnet just know you are hurting your hair, this is your sign to get yourself a good bonnet not any bonnet a silk bonnet.

Silk bonnets are known for protecting your hair from frizzing, reduce thinning and split ends, also it helps you lock that moisture in your hair than any bonnet, something I didn’t believe in till I started wearing them and now I am obsessed so sis get yourself a good nice hair bonnet.

I got mine from own_it again lol which is my spot for hair accessories and other silk products. They range between 8k-10k depending on the type that you want but sis they are worthy.

Another bonnet that you need is a shower bonnet stop exposing your hair to unnecessary water, if you are going to shower please wear your shower cap this will save from unwanted hair drama if you have natural hair you know what I am talking about. Protect your hair at all cost.


Another must have is a hair spray, you all know I am an ambassador of look good smell good sis you need a hair spray. We all know how braids can smell after 1 month if you don’t take of care of them properly so here was to do:

  • Clean or refresh your braids more often
  • Apply your serum for growth and moisture
  • Then use your hair spray for a refreshed smell you know , we can’t be moving around with smelling braids, don’t say I didn’t tell you.

There are so many hair spray for different purpose as a starting point I suggest you get an anti dandruff spray, LEAVE IN hair spray for that little glow and good smell I am going to link some of my favorites down below.



Scrunchies from OWN_IT

The last items I will share with you in this blog are hair clips and scrunchies, very essential tools for hair styling and sectioning especially the duck bill clips. Babe please get yourself some hair clips not only they help you style your hair but they can also help you with keep hair out of your way, securing a messy bun or even help you fix a given hairstyle so please get you some.

Scrunchies are very important too not only they are cute but also they are very stylish, useful for your hair and even your braids, i get mines from Own_it as usual but there are so many shops that have cute ones and very affordable like Miniso.

Those are my must have tools to have if you want to maintain your hair or even start being more intentional with your hair. which is your favorite product ? Let me know in the comment section.

What else do you want to see on the blog ? Let me know in the comment section and stay tuned for more content , see you next time xoxo.

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