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We are on our second week of “be a better you September challenge” and the goal here is to level up in all the areas of our lives and in today’s blog I am sharing my most affordable and favorite beauty products from Miniso.

Miniso is a Japanese brand located in KIMIHURURA in the KBC building, i came across this brand through Instagram and they have makeup, skincare, accessories, jewelries, fitness accessories, phones cases etc… I love that most of their products are very affordable and great quality.

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I haven’t worn heavy makeup for the past few years cause I wanted to first get it right with my skincare but you know now that we have a base for my skin why not level up our makeup game !?

I decided to get some few goodies to start my makeup collections most of them are from Miniso , they are also affordable and very effective cause the goal here is to start with affordable and effective product and build from there so here are my 6 favorite makeup picks.


The first product I had to get was an eye brow pencil in dark brown which compliment well my skin , even though I don’t wear foundation or anything I can’t leave the house without my eyebrows slayed so yeah the brow pencil was my first pick.

This one cost me around 4200rwf (if remember) from Miniso to be honest they are not affordable like the simple ones we all use( they are now 500rwf in any local stores) but the quality is amazing.

They are pigmentated and the application is very smooth due to it’s unique flattened nib, another thing I loved the most about this pencil is that it gives you a natural finish compared to the cheaper ones which 10/10 for me. The second thing I loved is the fact that it comes with a brow brush it’s like having a whole brow kit in one piece.

Miniso has a variety of eyebrow pencil, liners and different shades ranging from 2500rwf to 4200rwf I decided to get this one for the two pieces option so if it something you are willing to try pay them a visit.

2. Mascara

Another piece I was excited to have was the mascara and wow GAME CHANGER . I m getting back to the makeup game and as a beginner I don’t want to do too much so if you are just like me you know that a mascara is a must have, It makes your eye pop and it doesn’t do too much at the same time, it is a major item for the natural makeup look.

This one cost 6000rwf and this is the expensive makeup product I got (not really that expensive), it is a smudge free which means it doesn’t get messy and it really makes your lashes stand out I normally don’t have visible lashes but with this mascara they do come out I finally have LASHES ( YO LASHES in DJ Brianne’s voice).

I am giving this a 10/10 it does the job , easy to apply and remove and highly recommend if it is something you can try.


Another thing I wanted to buy and didn’t get is their eye shadow palette cause they were one single shade at 2k and it is was so small so as a person who rarely wear eyeshadow I didn’t bother but if it is something you enjoy Miniso has very beautiful and highly pigmentated small eye shadow palettes most of them are shimmery but the quality is amazing.

Another thing I didn’t buy but planning to get is their blushes, very beautiful and pigmentated as well, I was hesitant cause you know I am still trying to figure out my makeup routine so I am taking one step at a time.


A must have in your makeup kit cause not only you can use it to apply your foundation but you can also use it to apply your powder as well.

I love me some beauty blender and this one right here caught my attention thanks to it’s shape, at Miniso they have different beauty blender, sizes and packages but this one right here stood up for me.

The first thing I loved is it’s packaging, it comes with a travel case which makes it easier to travel with, plus it is triple slanted which makes it perfect to apply your concealer thanks to it’s two slanted side. I loved the shape it makes it multi purpose you can use it for your foundation, powder and concealer at the same time.


Another piece I got from Miniso is a powder brush which I got for less than 5k ( I don’t remember the exact price). I wanted to get the whole set made of 6 brushes , you can also check my blog on essential makeup brushes here but it was a little bit expensive according to my budget. The set was made of more than 5 different brushes and cost 12ooorwf . Instead i got this powder brush which looks so childish i know but it does the job so effortlessly highly recommend.

powder brush from miniso


The last piece I got is the highlighter, my favorite product well I don’t see people using highlighters too much these days but I just love them. I love that little glow touch it adds to your makeup plus it is a multi purpose product you can read more about highlighter here.

I got this for only 2000rwf and the pigment WOW on point as you can see on the swatch in the above pictures, you don’t need too much product this one is Quality and to be honest it is very affordable and does the job.

These were 6 products that i added to my makeup collection, which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section and stay tuned for other amazing content. xoxo

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