Welcome to STYLED BY FRANCE blog and today i am going to share with you how you can have and maintain a positive mindset everyday. Maintaining a positive mindset is not only good for your mental health but also for your overall health.

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As a person that struggle with overthinking, a little bit of anxiety and insecurity I make sure that I am always on my A game cause when I shift a little bit it is so hard for me to get back up so today I am sharing my effective tips that i always use to be a positive person.

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Before we do anything prayer is the best thing you need to do ,well if you don’t believe in God feel free to jump this one but if you do sis PRAYER IS LIFE.

You can do everything you want to boost your mood but when your prayer life is down trust me you are not going anywhere. There are times in my life when even my favorite music or bestfriend can’t help but God can so if you want to have a positive mindset everyday you need God in your life. Prayer needs to be your everyday weapon.


Another major weapon to keep a positive mindset is POSITIVE AFFRIMATION not only they boost your mood but also they boost your confidence. One thing I learned about life is that not everyday is a good day, there are days when you don’t feel like showing up , when you don’t even know who you are and in those type of days positive affirmation should be your bestfriend of course after prayer. I believe that prayer work but they work even hard if you also do the inner work, you can’t expect to be in a good mood if you don’t work toward that and affirmations are the easy way to boost your mood in a short period.

You need to declare good things upon your life , the more you say it the more you believe it and the more you believe it the more you start walking into it so sis start doing your morning positive affirmation everyday till confidence becomes your lifestyle.

I made a corner in my wardrobe that has bible verses and quotes that boost my mood every morning or whenever I feel low if you follow me on IG you know and I swear it has been really helping so try it, have your own space for positivity.


When I say protect your mental health I mean protect what you take in , it can be from social media, friends , workplace etc.. If there is something that you know triggers you stay away from it , it can be a word, a given page anything that brings negative energy stay away from it . Protect your space !

Protecting your space also include setting boundaries, sometimes we get dragged into negative space because we allow every energy in our lives, if you want to be positive and optimistic stay away from draining energy.


As I always mention in my everyday blogs working out is very important, Working out is now my first physical bestfriend not only you stay fit and healthy but also it helps you process things and emotions, Working out has been one of my therapist these past few years whenever i am angry or just tired i workout and it makes me feel amazing and positive plus the pain from sore muscles makes you forget about why you were worried in the first place so try it !lol

Those were my 4 tips they are easy and effective, I have been consistent on these and I swear I have achieved a lot another thing is that you can’t always be happy and cheerful but we can always choose to show up as the best version of ourselves no matter which stage of life we are in so yeah cheers to be a better version of ourselves, see you in a next blog xoxo

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