Welcome to STYLED BY FRANCE, today on the blog in the fashion section i am sharing with you 3 casual looks for the summer.

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In this blog I am sharing with you 3 simple looks you can create with items you already have in your wardrobe, the main goal here is to know how to use your accessories to create a perfect summer casual look.

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This is the first and most basic look you can rock at any time of the year especially in the summer .

An important thing you need to know for the summer is to wear light weight jeans for better comfort.

Looking for something to wear casually throughout the summer, this is my first option.

To make the look more summerish (does this word even exist, lol?) add a pair of sandal and a crochet bag if you have one.

There is so many ways you can style this look by adding a floral kimono on top , handbag or pair of sandals. Don’t be afraid to be creative !!

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you can’t go wrong with a floral dress during the summer , I suggest you have a maxi and short floral dress.

I am a big fan of floral prints recently if you follow me on Instagram I think you noticed this.

Floral jumpsuits and rompers are also one of the main casual style recently so if you have one in your wardrobe this is the perfect time to rock it.


My last suggestion for a casual look is a white set it can be a skirt or pant set anything depending on what you are comfortable with.

A lot of people are afraid of wearing white clothes during the summer especially here in Africa but for me personally i think this is the perfect time than wearing white everything when it is raining.

White is the right color for the summer , get yourself some beautiful set for the summer.

Those are my 3 top casual outfit for the summer i can suggest for the moment, what is your favorite??

Let me know in the comment section xoxo…

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