I never felt the need to update or revamp my wardrobe like i do now, since i started my current job 6 months ago i realized that my wardrobe needs more office/ meeting friendly wear than shorts and crop tops.

Not to say that there is something wrong wearing that but as you grow and go for different jobs it becomes very important to change your wardrobe accordingly remember the first impression matters. This hit my mind when one day I was struggling to find an outfit for a big meeting not because i didn’t have any clothes but my wardrobe wasn’t giving the vibe i wanted to go for so i decided to add more items that reflect the stage of life i am in and also this year i made a promise to myself to grow in my career life so when you plan growth you work on each aspects.

In this blog i will take you through the items you can in your wardrobe that are office friendly, casual, elegant , feminine and chic.

Pro tip : while making your wardrobe you need to know that people dress according to their professional some work space requires corporate outfits like lawyers , judge others require business wear it all depends on where you work and the dress code. For more it is more business casual and more your style do you kind of vibe and personally i want to elevate my wardrobe and the goal here is LESS SKIN more elegant business casual i want to dress like i got it, i know what i am doing kind of outfit and also stylish embracing my content creator and stylish side.

Let’s dive into the blog now.



The first item in is tan trousers which is a first must have in your wardrobe for office wear especially the high waisted long trousers that give you an elegant chic look. I fell in love with these trousers the moment i put them on and here is why you should have them :

  • Very stylish : they are very stylish you can dress them down or up, you can pair them with a sweater, top or even a n elegant blouse with sneakers or heels , i love versatile clothing item that i know i wear different ways many times. check how i style them on my instagram page here.
  • They go with any color : because they are nude they go with any color especially bright colors like white, beige , pink etc .. so it is that piece in your wardrobe you can style with different colors and different patterns.
  • Good for meeting looks : you are going for a meeting and you don’t know what to wear ? this will save your life always and forever.

You can shop them through my amazon link here.


Blazers are a must have in every lady but this time i am not talking about any blazer, i am talking about the black and white collarless blazer that gives COCO CHANNEL vibes, rich aunt i got the money right vibe. This is something i have been eyeing for a while and i think every girl should have it.

You can get them in any color if you want but these blazers are a must have , i linked one here from amazon, click here to shop , they are expensive but it is a god investment.


Blouses not my favorites but a must in your office wear wardrobe , i really don’t like them and i wear one once a week and i realized that it is a must have for every lady. They add this serious clean touch to your outfit without even doing too much.


I am shifting from my love of black to nudes colors now, black will always have a big place in my heart but let’s add some little light and colors in my life. To make my wardrobe more fun and alive i am planning to add more nude/ neutral colors and then i will add some pop of color later on you know i have been finding myself gravitating around pink now and i m loving it i find it very good with my skin complexion.


The last thing we are adding in our wardrobes this year is high heels, professional high heels which are black pumps, short heels nothing too crazy.

There is something about heels that makes the outfit more interesting and as a person who wants to look more professional this is something that I am definitely adding to my wardrobe.

Those are my simple 5 casual items i will add to my wardrobe to look more put together , stylish for work, which one are you going for ? which one will you remove ? Let me know in the comment section i would love to hear from you.

See you in another blog xoxo

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