It’ s been a long time since i did a styling blog and i know most of you are going to benefit from this one , Today I am not only sharing with you how you can style your jeans for office wear but I am also giving you some few tips you need to consider when choosing what jean to wear at work.

Jeans are considered more business casual than office attire but with some few tips that i am going to share you can style them to fit the office wear. Some work places don’t accept jeans as an office attire but if that’s not the case this blog is for you but before we jump into that make sure you check the type of jeans you need in your wardrobe right now.

I personally think it is very crucial to dress according to the place where you work, event and situation that is why fashion bloggers and influencers are here to help you elevate your look. There is so much power in wearing the perfect outfit for the perfect occasion.

I also made a blog post on what to wear for a job interview if you haven’t checked it out this is the right time to do so here is the link , I strongly believe your outfit plays a big role in telling your story make sure you choose the right outfit.

In this blog the main goal is how to wear your jean and still look professional and that is why I am starting of with tip number 1 :


It is very important to know where you work and their dress code ( if it is your first time especially) this will give you an idea on what to and not to wear on a daily basis. For example if you are a nurse you know that they are some clothes that are not allowed or if you are an attorney you know the type of dress code to go for, That is why you need to make your research before you choose your outfit. The more you get familiar with the place the more you know what to wear there.

Sis let’s do things better in 2022, knowing the type of environment you work in is key in everything not only for what to wear but also for the type of conduct you need to have.


The title here maybe seem scary but here is what i mean : depending on your work environment as I mentioned in the previous section they are some jeans that are not appropriate for example if you work at the bank you can’t go to work wearing a whole leg ripped jean but if you work in a fashion industry that is not a big deal so when choosing what to wear be mindful of that. Here are some jeans I will suggest NOT TO WEAR AT WORK ( if you work in an office , corporate environment.

  • EXTRA RIPPED JEANS : If you want to give a more professional vibe with your look don’t wear an extra ripped, too much revealing jean. I know I also have and wear my ripped jean at work but make sure it doesn’t reveal too much.
  • JEANS WITH TOO MUCH DISTRACTION : There are jeans that I personally think they were designed to be worn at special occasion, fashion event etc… If your jeans has too much distraction I suggest keeping that for Friday nights, day out or something similar to that, let’s keep it professional and clean.


Now that we know few jeans we need to avoid for the office, while choosing what to wear go for blue , light blue jean, black , white jean or any other color you like but make sure it give professional vibes.

Now that you have your jean in order to create an outstanding outfit pair it with a cute blouse, i am not a big fan of blouses personally but this is one of the easiest and professional way to style your jeans.

Here are some few pieces that goes with every jean:


If you are not a big fan of blouses ( just like me ) here is how you can style your jean: Pair it with a cute top ( any color depending on the color of the jean) which give a simple and casual look but to make this more outstanding add an outstanding blazer, you can’t never go wrong with this look. I am a big fan so don’t be surpsrised.

This is the type of outfit you can wear at work, meeting, presentations and all.


Depending on where you work , the type of day and the type of look you are going for, styling your jeans highly depend on the type of shoes you are wearing. For example if it is a casual day at work you can pair your jean with sneakers, if it’s a special day like Monday go for heels ( black pumps etc .. ) or flats if that’s what is more comfortable with you. SHOES ARE VERY VERY IMPORTANT

Those are my 5 pro, simple and effective tips that can help you style your jeans depending on your work environment. Was this blog helpful? Let me know in the comment section how you style your jeans for work.

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