Choosing what to wear for a job interview is very challenging and stressful.

Successful interview depends on both how you answer and your outfit.

The first impression is very important and people start judging you from the moment you get inside the room.

You got make sure that the first impression they got from you is confidence , flexibility, authority.

Be careful when you choose an outfit for an interview because it can either help you get the job or you can loose it.

In this blog post i will share with you few tips to consider when choosing your outfit for an interview.


This is a very critical aspect to consider when choosing what to wear for your job interview.

You should first know the office environment so that you wear clothes that shows you can fit in the company.

Do the women in that company dress in blouse and skirts or well tailored pants or is everyone wearing jeans ?

But hey a jean is not a good option for an interview look.

casual outfit for a job interview

Do your research carefully , ask friends or visit the company to know what to look for while choosing your outfit.

Remember you are ” DRESSING FOR SUCCESS” so be sure that your look is professional, appropriate and polished.

2. COLORS TO WEAR AND THE ONE TO AVOID – while choosing what to wear for a job interview

Different colors evoke a particular human response to the human brain, be mindful choosing the type of color you are going to wear.

If you want to be remembered for your professionalism not your outfit avoid bright and dramatic colors like red or yellow.

Instead go for some solid colors like black, solid blue, gray, brown or wear neutrals, they look professional without distracting.

casual outfit for a job interview

If you are going for a job in the fashion industry you are free to be more creative with colors to show your sense of style.

You must wear something that allows interviewer to focus on your skills and qualifications rather than your outfit.


For accessories go for minimal look which means simple and conservative.

Avoid clanging bracelets instead wear simple hoop or stud earrings.

For your makeup avoid applying a lot of makeup go for a conservative look some black eye shadow and some lip balm.

Make sure you have a simple and nice haircut , short nails with a neutral nail polish color.

casual outfit for a job interview

Use a light perfume or cologne your interviewer may have an allergy so be careful with this concept.


” DRESS FOR THE JOB YOU WANT ” is the major goal

After knowing the type of company and the job you are going to apply for the next step is dressing accordingly.

Choose an outfit that makes you feel good and comfortable and if you are comfortable you will feel good and communicate effectively.

Avoid an outfit that shows too much skin you don’t want to distract your interviewer.


In this area you can wear a white or gray blouse and black pants with simple jewelries and heels.

This look is simple and smart at the same time.

Here in this picture i tried to give you a more casual look for reference. I need to learn how to pose by the way.

You can check how i styled a knew dress by clicking here how to style a knee dress


If it is business casual go for a conservative blouse or button up shirt with trousers or a knee length skirt, short skirt are not appropriate.

For finance and law jobs it is better to look for traditional suit with a solid color or wear a neutral dress and add a blue blazer.

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