Valentine’s Day is around the corner and i am here to share with you 4 spicy Date idea for this special day before you loose your mind.

If you are tired of the classic dinner date with your loved one ( JUST LIKE ME) this blog will help you come up with some cute ideas and if you are single please give it a read you may use these ideas once you decide to boo’d up .

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Some people when they think of valentine’s day they automatically think of dinner date, bouquet of roses et voila , don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with that but you can do more to celebrate your love so if you run out of ideas read this whole blog.

Here are some things you need to take into consideration if you want to plan something for your lover, also the tips i am first going to share with you they can also help in your everyday love life.

  • COMMUNICATION IS KEY : A lot of people hate valentine’s day because they end up not getting what they expected so I suggest you communicate with your partner, let them know what you love and like so that they know what makes you happy, Your partner doesn’t read mind so tell him/her what you really prefer if they are planning a surprise for you they will start from there.
  • EVERY PERSON/ COUPLE IS UNIQUE : One thing I learned recently is that every couple is unique, stop comparing your couple to what you see on the internet, get to know the person you are with and whenever you are planning anything ( trip, surprise etc…) take that into consideration.

When you know these two things even a small thing makes a big impact now let’s dive into the date ideas.


If you were wondering where to take your loved one on this valentine’s day here is an epic idea: GO where you had your first date , if you want to make it more extra touching go where you first meet i swear this will make your partner happy , it will show that you remember every little detail about your love life.

On this special day it is important to remember how it started and evaluate where your relationship is going and the best way to do it is to go back to where it all started. Revisit the place, the emotions , remind yourself the old good times. This also can spice things up again if you have been feeling like your couple was drifting slowly.

If it is possible and you want it to be extra you can decorate that specific area and have your dinner date there or around that area ( for example if you meet first at a bus station you can’t have a dinner date there but you can take your partner first there and remind them of how that moment brought you close and then after proceed to other activities you planned).


The main idea for this whole blog is to do activities that can help you create beautiful memories and there is no better way to do this than a road trip. You can either travel outside Kigali or in Kigali , just take your car or rent one and go on that trip. I swear this is going to make your partner happy.

Let’s be creative in 2022 if you never had a road trip with your loved on this is a sign to go for it.


Baecations are my favorite type of thing, If you never had a staycation( a little vacation ) with your partner what have you been doing ? There is no better way to spend the lovers day than being somewhere far away from the world with the person you love the most.

There is so many places you can go for a 2 day staycation with your lover and create some amazing memories. Like The retreat Rwanda, Marriott and there so many affordable places with fun activities take time to do your research and surprise your loved one with a little getaway.


This is the right time to show your partner that you know them, if your lover has been telling you about things they like doing or their hobbies choose one activity and do it together.

There is no better surprise than showing your partner that you listen and know what they like and you are ready to join and you are invested. For example if your partner told you they love hiking ,go for hike ( even if you don’t like it) , they love dancing then go out , they love art take her/ him to an exhibition..

The idea here is showing them love by investing your time and energy in what makes them happy and by this you will also create memories.

Which idea do you like the most ? Let me know in the comment section and while we are here allow me to wish a wonderful Valentine’s day to all the lovers, see you next time xoxo.

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