it s the beginning of the new Year and this is the great time to start over, to make things right and live a more purposeful life .

few years back i used to start the year with no goals , no plans but all that changed when i learned to live a goal oriented life and to focus on what i really wanted in my life.

here are tips that helps me make my new year resolutions.


it is okay to party hard and celebrate the new year but it is also important to start the year with a purpose by setting goals .

before setting goals ask yourself things like:

what you going to do in the new year ?

who do you want to be ?

where do you want to be at the end ?

what did you learn in the past year ?

what do you want to change ?

in January it is the right time to evaluate how far you have come and where you want to go and also focus on the direction you want to give your life and set goals accordingly .


In the beginning of the year it is the right to make some changes.

a lot of people are scared of changing which is so scary by the way i am also afraid of changing , trying new things and exploring .

i used to be comfortable staying in my corner cause i thought it will help me stay out of trouble and have peace. But sometimes you have to take the risks for your own good and through change you discover yourself and learn a lot from experience.

either bad or good experience help you grow and prepare you for whatever comes in the future so stand out and don t be afraid to change.

i can say that 2018 was a great year for me because i started the year more determined about where i wanted to be when it ends and all those goals i set helped me through out the year.

whenever i felt like giving up on everything i went through them and realized how far i have come and it pushed me to keep going.

it was a year of self love which helped me discover who i really was and what i wanted to do with my life.

It is also when i started blogging something i never thought i will do because i was so afraid to try but i did it and i am loving everything about it .

i achieved a lot of things all because i accepted to change and learn.

i stepped out of my circle and tried new things and i am really proud of what i accomplished this year .

all of this achievement it is a sign that with hard work and patience i will get there . YAY !!!


while planning your year, it is very crucial to evaluate yourself.

self evaluation helps you identify areas in your life where you needed to change in order to have a more healthy lifestyle.

i evaluate myself every trimester to see if i am still on the right track so take time evaluate yourself and your goals.

this is the right time to set goals , evaluate and make important decisions that will guide you through out the year .

12 months is a lot of time and you can achieve a lot of things . it is not to late.


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