Welcome to the second review of the year, i love writing blogs where i am reviewing products especially when they are skincare and today on the blog i am sharing with you 5 body care products i used in 2023 and would highly recommend for people that want beautiful, radiant, healthy, glowing and smooth skin also one thing you need to know we are all about affordability on this platform which means that most of the products i suggested are very affordable.



We are starting of with the body oil, i started being consistent with wearing body oil last year and let me tell you it does wonders for your skin especially when it is baby oil because it is designed to smooth your skin like baby skin so trust me this is a must have especially for people with dry skin. I use body oil especially after my evening showers and as a top layer during the summer or hot seasons to add a little bit of moisture and hydration to the skin, another good benefit about using baby oils is that it can be applied around our lady parts thanks to it’s ingredients it doesn’t cause any harm. This product has become my best friend and if you want to upgrade your shower routine this can help a lot.

To be honest i never used any other body oils than baby body oils, so far i have used the Eden and Johnson baby oil and here is my review:

  • JOHNSON BABY OIL: This is my first baby oil to try and i have been addicted to it, i can’t see myself changing to something else. The Johnson baby oil comes in a cute plastic bottle of 500 ml ( you can either buy the small or the larger size), it is made of pure Mineral Oil to help Prevent Moisture Loss for baby, Kids & Adults, Gentle & Soothing Baby Massage Oil for Dry Skin Relief. For the smell it gives this baby non invasive scent and for the effectiveness it does wonder when it comes to skin hydration. I would highly recommend this body oil because it does well but the issue will be the price it used to cost 3300 rwf ($3) but it is now currently on 6000 rwf ($6), you can shop it here from amazon.
  • EDEN BABY BODY OIL : This body oil comes in a 250 ml bottle and i started using it when the Johnson body oil was no where to be found and to be honest compared to the Johnson body oil this one didn’t give that moisturized finish that the other one give but it is not too bad. For the review i will give it a solid 3/5 and i would recommend this when u are running out of options.


Another product i added in my bodycare routine recenently is the Aloe vera gel and let me tell you, this product right here is a must have in your body or overall care routine. Not only aloe vera gel plays a major role in having a healthy skin but it does help in growing healthy hair, you can read more about the aloe vera gel here.

Here are some few reasons on why you should get yourself some aloe vera gel :

  • USED AS AN AFTER SHAVE: The aloe Vera gel can be used after shaving, it helps smoothing the skin and helps you avoid having skin irritation. It can be under your arms pits or even down there, I also realized that it can be used after waxing , this gel helps fight skin irritation.
  • USED AS A LEAVE IN CONDITIONER FOR YOUR HAIR : The secret to smooth and easy to comb hair is to use your aloe Vera gel as a leave in conditioner and you will see wonders. You can still read more about my journey with using aloe Vera gel on my hair through this link here.
  • FIGHTING ACNE : This product saved my life last year when it comes to acne, I used to have lots of breakouts due to my oily skin but the moment I integrated this aloe Vera gel in my routine it helped me regulate my face oil which lead to the decrease of pimples and acne.


Okay ! I finally did it ! i finally used a shaving cream.

I was always hesitant on the reaction my skin will have to the cream and to my surprise i must say i was impressed. Using a shaving cream is better than not using it here is my experience with both.

EXPERIENCE WITH THE SHAVING CREAM : I normally used to shave with no shaving cream and at the end it will leave my skin so dry and itchy and the experience with ingrown hair is really not IT so i tried the shaving cream with the hope to have a different and more pleasant experience and it is. The moment i started using the shaving cream i realized it leave your skin smooth, no more fighting ingrown hair, no itchiness no dry skin and also i noticed it decrease the hyperpigmentation in your shaving area.


Let me put you on with this one, sis stop using aluminum and alcohol based anti perspirant PLEASE STOP! It is something i stopped doing since 2022 after reading that it maybe a risk factor for breast cancer from there on i shifted to more clean and natural anti perspirant.

Another thing i realized is that anti perspirant with alcohol and aluminum tends to make your armpit darker than others and most of the time itchiness and that is how i decided to shift to less invasive products including Dove and Rexona are my favorite recently.

Those are the key essentials products i added to my routine and they really changed the game for me, share in the comment section yours as well. See you in another blog xoxo !

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