hello guys, today i thought i could share with you 3 inspirational messages that helps me through out my daily life, hope it will inspire you. let’ s get started ! !


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we only live once when you die you wont get this life you have right now so make sure that u live it the way you want it.

Most of us realize this when it s too late , when you can not go back and change things.

Long ago i used to live this simple and non committed life where i had to do everything the society expected me to do.

I did not have dreams , goals or any plan of my future , i just did what i was told to do.

It s like i was living somebody else s life , i could n t make decisions for myself i just did what my parents or friends told me to do.

One day when i was going through a hard time in my life i noticed that i wasted half of my life trying to please the society and not me.

You can check my blog about SELF LOVE .

Everyone was happy but i was not happy with my life , i started asking myself questions.

I went back in time and i noticed that i sacrificed my happiness and my life for others not for ME.

It was not fair that is when i decided to take my life back in hands by LIVING MY LIFE ON MY TERMS.

Because i only have one life i have to make it WORTHY by doing what i love and it s never to late to make a change .

some people gave up on their lives saying that they are too old to change.

You are never too old to be happy , take your life in hands and LIVE when you still can.

Leave that toxic relationship and be happy and remember that the time does n t come back.

Yesterday won t come back so make sure to spend your time wisely by doing what you want .

Everyday remember ” we only have one life to live ” so LIVE IT RIGHT.


this is a very powerful message.

every time when i wake up i ask myself:

  • what do i live for ? if i die ,
  • what will people remember about me ?
  • what s my role here on earth ?

does my life have a purpose ?

well i believe we all have this big role that we have to play in this world.

That is why we are here so ask yourself what is it ? you can choose the kind of role you want to play and when you pray GOD always make sure you get there.

This small quote helped me to live a goal oriented life.

There is this life in my head that i want to live , this picture of myself that pushes me everyday to be better person.

I believe in a positive life , a life that can change someone that s the kind of life i want to live.

When i am gone i want people to remember me as a positive and hard working female full of self love and confidence.

That s why i work hard everyday and try to spread some love whenever i can and give an example that self love is the key to happiness.

I can not say that i was always this optimistic and determined person as i am.

i did not do right things in the past but i make sure that everyday i try to make things better for me and everyone.

“You can not change the past but you can shape your future.”

Living a life to remember is not being a star or living a luxury life it is doing good things that people will remember when you are no longer here.


Those are some of the things u can be remembered of and yes if you are rich you can use your platform to live a print on this earth.

Make your life worth living , be good to people so that when you are gone you live a beautiful legacy behind.

Try to make change in people s lives , love them and make them feel wanted.

Save a soul , be good and GOD will remember it on your judgmental day .

I can not deny that some people choose a different way( by doing bad things) to be remembered but i can not judge.

who i am to judge anyway.

They have their reasons to do what they do but i can not encourage people to choose that path.

I encourage them to choose a path full of light and love that will lead to a great end .


This one right here made me who i am ” TRUE TO MYSELF “

I am this kind of person who do what she wants , take risks , live freely.

It does not matter what you say about ME and you can t change nothing,

I have seen some of my friends not being true to themselves.

Some have this double personalities where you can find this person being a loving and caring in the eye of the society.

But on the other side he or she is envious and full of hatred.

You can not be 2 person at the same time you just have to choose who you are.

I don t like those kind of person who hide who they are cause that s not who i am.

I am free , open and i know who I AM and i encourage everyone to know who they are.

You are UNIQUE embrace it , be you , do you , love yourself and stay true to yourself

I am not this perfect person nor have a perfect life.

Like other human beings i make mistakes but i make sure that i live a life that i love.

I listen to my heart and try to live a sparkle wherever i go .

Don t you ever change who you are for anybody if they can not love you for you they won t love you for who you pretend to be.

So be yourself and the right one will love you for it.

So if you are reading this always remember that you only got one life to live.

Live it RIGHT , live a life to remember and STAY TRUE to yourself.

Make sure to live the world in a better situation than you found it .


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