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If you follow me on Instagram you know i am very LOUD when it comes to female health and empowerment especially when it comes to menstruation.

There is a huge stigma around menstruation, a lot of people are not comfortable sharing their menstruation journey and I hardly believe that is up to us to normalize talking about menstruation.

As a woman it is important to know how your body change through your menstrual cycle knowing this can help you detect early abnormalities, understanding your body and also prevent unwanted pregnancy.

That is why today on the blog i am sharing with you 3 pages you need to follow on Instagram that provide all you need to know about menstruation.

No matter how much you think you know about menstruation there is one or two thing you can learn from these pages and i am saying this from experience.

I started following these pages during quarantine and since then i have learned so much about my menstruation and it has helped me understand more about my body and embrace it.

There is nothing wrong with having your periods and there is nothing to be ashamed about, your periods are part of you and you should learn to embrace them.

Following these pages also thought me to have a different perspective about my periods, i am not going to lie i used to hate having my periods because they are very painful and i can’t do anything while i am on my periods, but with the information I gain everyday i have a reached a point where i feel like it is NORMAL TO BE BLEEDING and i don’t have to hate it because it is a part of ME.

I also did a blog post about Do’s and DON’Ts when it comes to vaginal health, click here to read.

1. FLO

This is not just an Instagram page but it also has an app, flo is a women’s health app that supports women at each stage of their reproductive cycle. This app helps with menstruation tracking, cycle prediction, pregnancy etc…

This app is really helpful not only it helps with the above but also it provides further information about menstruation, different changes your body go through during the menstrual cycle and at the top of that you can chat with a private assistant and learn more about the changes your body go through each menstrual cycle stage.

The more you get used to the app and the more you learn how to use it’s different features the more you benefit from it.

Another cool thing i love about Flo is the secret chat room where people ask different questions and share different stories and i think it is a better way to connect with other women and learn from them.

There is so much i can say about this app but if you want to see the magic , download this app and see for yourself.

You can also follow them here : .instagram.com/flotracker


This is my second favorite page on Instagram , better period is a page that shares everything about MENSTRUATION, when i say everything it is EVERYTHING HONEY.

I learned a lot of stuff from this page and at the top of that they share different experience from different people and you learn one or two things about your menstruation.

One of the main thing i learned from this page was the use of menstrual underwear, this something i didn’t know about and i am looking forward to try. Not only i learned about period underwear but i also learned about different type of menstrual cup, tampons and their use if you want a more detailed blog on menstrual cups let me know.

You can also read about the type of underwear every girl should have here, it is really important for you sis.

Following this page is going to help you know about different menstruation materials you can use and i know this is the type of information every woman need.

You can check them here: instagram.com/thebetterperiod_


I cam across this page through DUKATAZE the aim of this page is to end the stigma around menstruation by normalizing talking about having your periods.

I joined their challenge #noperiodshame where the aim was to end the stigma, shame around period and since i am an avid follower and i admire they work. i feel like you also need to check them out. From this page you will learn about your periods , different disease related to the reproductive system and you can join them to fight for the reproductive health rights.

There is a lot of pages on Instagram that provide useful information when it comes to this topic but these are the ones that i prefer and i suggest you follow them now.

Is there anything else you want me to cover when it comes to menstruation? Let me know in the comment section xoxo.

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