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2020 was a rough year for most of us and we are trying to bounce back and make the most of 2021 and there is no better way to be more productive than starting with cutting toxic habits off.

Today on the blog i am sharing with you 6 toxic habits that you need to cut off your life right now in order to have a productive life.
All those toxic habits that i am going to share with you in this blog post are from my own experience you know that here it is all about sharing my personal experience to help you excel in your life. These are some of the things that always stopped me from reaching my full potential and when I started working on them I swear my whole life changed.

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To start what is a toxic habit ?

I don’t know if there is a precise definition of this but in my opinion it is a habit that stop you from progressing, that pull you down and it also affects your mental and physical health. If you have been feeling like you are stuck in one place, that no matter what you don’t evolve maybe it’s the small habits that stop you from becoming the best version of yourself.

Here are some of the habits you need to cut off your life right now in order to become a better version of yourself.


I am a vivid believer that the way you spend the first minute of your day determines how you are going to spend the rest of your day, the first 5 minutes of your day are very important and be careful how you spend them.
It was proven that checking your phone in the morning not only distracts your mind but also sets the tone for distraction for the rest of the day. Using your phone in the morning can affect your brain’s ability to prioritize tasks so if you want to have a productive day stop scrolling through your phone when you wake up. You can read other information regarding this matter on

This is something i noticed by myself every time when i wake up and check my phone first I end up spending 20 minutes more in my bed and that’s a waste of time. not only i waste my time but i tend to be lazy the whole day.
Stop checking your phone when you wake up instead do something good for your mind and health, make your bed , pray , meditate , workout etc..
I am soon going to share with you my morning routine and m sure it is going to help you.


This is something that needs to stop in 2021, we are not promised tomorrow and I think 2020 is a perfect reminder of using carefully the time you have right now. Babe stop postponing those project, stop procrastinating if you have what it takes what are you waiting for ? Start that business, go on that trip, take that break tomorrow is not promised.

Start with what you have stop waiting for that perfect moment because it will never come, if you have been struggling with start something new in your life this is a divine message that THE TIME IS NOW.


Yoo !!! this is very toxic , not moving on from your past always wondering how it could have been is very very toxic, this is not only toxic but it can lead to depression. Stop holding on memories instead embrace the present and be open to what the future has to offer.

I used to be a victim of this everytime that a certain chapter in my life ended i always held to it hoping something will change , trying to change what happened and i was so afraid to face the future but now i have decided to let go of what’s not meant for me. If things don’t work out as planned it is okay babe God has better plans for you.

Another thing that comes with living in the past is REGRET , regretting what you didn’t do or what you did wrong well sis this is very toxic stop regretting and be happy it happened. Everything that happens to us is either a blessing or a lesson so let’s move on and let go of the past.


if you know me well you know that being organized is part of who I am, girl there is so much power in being and working in an organized space.

I will keep preaching this till the end , there is so much productivity in a clean and organized space than in a disorganized area. So stop making those lazy excuses, get up and organize your life.

Make a plan, set goals, clean your space , get rid of things that no longer serve you and start working about that dream life. YOUR DREAMS WON’T BECOME REALITY IF YOU DON’T WORK TOWARDS THEM and the first thing is being organized which brings me to the next point.


As i was saying in the previous paragraph make a plan about your life and stop going with whatever life throw at you , i know sometimes you just have to breath and go with the flow but not always. YOUR TODAY’S DECISION WILL DETERMINE YOUR TOMORROW. today is the right time to plan for the future life you want.

When you make a plan it is easy for you to know where you are coming from and where you are going so stop living a life with no purpose.


This is the hardest part because those toxic people may be your own family so how do cut them off ? That’s how healthy boundaries come in. If you know certain people in your life are toxic to you ( for example make fun of you , don’t believe in you etc.. )start by decreasing the time you spend with them . If you don’t feel comfortable in a place you are free to walk away. I swear to God if you start being more intention about people you let in your life you will see a drastic and positive change. Make sure you are surrounded with people that love you , empower you and push you to be a better version of yourself if that’s not the case WALK AWAY.

Those are my top 6 toxic traits you need to cut off your life, is there anything else you want to add let me know in the comment section. Xoxo

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