Money saving guide for beginners + PLANNER


If you struggle to understand personal finance, especially during these tough economic times. While there is a lot of information out there about saving and budgeting, this guide focuses on the everyday basics of managing your money plus you will find templates that can help you track and save your money easily. This guide focuses on three main topics:

  • How to  save your money
  • How to budget easily
  • How to set financial goals

The information in this guide is meant for real, everyday people who are just looking for ways to save more , track their expenses and spend less.


Do you struggle with saving money and building wealth ?

Saving money is easier when you break it down into smaller, easy-to-do steps, and this book will help you do that. If you’ve failed at budgeting and saving in the past, the tips and tricks provided in the following pages will have you saving money quickly and effortlessly in no time!



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