simple guide to choose the right shade of concealer

Choosing the right shade of concealer is hard than choosing the foundation because they are many types of concealer playing different roles.

To help you know what to look for while looking for a concealer i came up with this blog post to highlight what you need to know about the concealer.

Time to say goodbye to dark circle under eyes, dark spots on the face and have a flawless makeup look.

Concealer is the real game changer when you want to have an epic finish look.

That is why i am going to break it down for you and tell you all these secrets they never told you about the concealer.

What is a concealer first ?

Concealer is cosmetic product used to conceal blemish or discoloration especially under the eye.

It is also used to mark dark circle, age spots and small blemishes visible on the skin. 

Concealer is very similar to foundation but thicker and is available in different shades and forms from liquid to powder.

And it can be used alone or with foundation.


There different types of concealers and they all have different roles.

They come in different texture there is liquid, balm , cream and pencil concealer and also there are the corrective concealer.

If you have an oily skin it is better to go for liquid concealer

For a dry and sensitive skin you can use a cream and pencil concealer it can both work for your skin.

Some people make a mistake of using the same concealer used to cover the under eyes circle to cover a pimple and it doesn’t work that way.

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So before buying any concealer you should have clear idea of the problem areas you want to solve so that you know what to look for.


different types of concealer

These type of concealer help fix different types of issues like blemishes, dark spots , black under eyes circles, scars and also small tattoos.

When you are using corrective concealer it is better to apply it before the foundation.

RED : neutralizers dark spots for dark or deep skin tones

ORANGE: Neutralizes dark spots for medium deep skin tones

PEACH: neutralizes dark spots for light skin tones and can be used for correcting under eyes circles.

While applying your concealer draw an upside triangle under your eyes.

Avoid getting to close to the eye because it is a very sensitive area and it can be damaged easily.

different types of concealers

LAVENDER : neutralize yellow undertones

GREEN : neutralize redness , broken blood vessels , red hued breakouts , blemishes.

MINT : neutralize redness for fair /light skin tones

YELLOW : neutralize purple/ blue undertones and also under eye circles.

LIGHT YELLOW : corrects dullness and brightness the skin tones

COOL PINK : neutralizes dark spots for fair/light skin tones.

It can also be used for a brighter looking skin specifically under the eyes for correcting the dark circles under the eye.

Keep this information with you whenever you are going to buy some concealer.

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