Welcome to another hair blog where i share review, tips on how you can maintain your hair especially if it is natural hair and today on the blog i am rating 4 Made in Rwanda hair products i have tried so far , starting from my most favorite, which one I would recommend and why.

Don’t get me wrong all these products are amazing i will purchase them over and over again and it was hard selecting which one will come first because each one has it’s own uniqueness and i realized that these products can compliment each other and make your hair care more fun. But you know you can’t stop having a favorite and by reading this blog you will get what i mean. So let’s dive right in.


The first product i am rating is the amazing Aloe vera gel from AMIBODY ORGANICS , I started using this product during June and i love it, this gel is multi purpose you can use on your skin and hair as well.

This is my first favorite hair product with 5/5 and here is why :

  • IT HELPS SOFTEN YOUR HAIR : Apart from being multipurpose this gel helps in softening your hair, if you have natural hair you know how much it can be a struggle combing your hair and this product help with that. You use it like a leave in conditioner before washing your hair, you apply it on your hair ends and let it in for like 15 minutes and wash it off and let me tell you after this your hair will be soft and easy to manipulate. You can read more about this gel here.

That is why for the rating i will give a 5/5 and it will be the first product i would recommend to add in your hair routine package especially if you have hard to manage hair.


I have a love and hate relationship with glowforce, their face serum didn’t work for me but their hair oil/ scalp stimulator did wonders for me . I love this product for real .

The scalp stimulator is made of sweet almond oil, castor oil and Peppermint Essential Oil. The potent mix of strengthening avocado oil and nourishing sweet almond oil penetrate deep into the hair shaft for intense moisture and shine.

According to my experience this product has this minty fresh sensation when you apply it , it gives this clean and refreshed vibe especially when you apply it in your braids. It does really moisturize your scalp which is very needed when you want to grow healthy hair.

This product also relieves itchy, flaky scalp and leaves your hair smelling minty fresh! In order to feel and see the results you have to apply it regulary

Directions of use:

Apply onto clean scalp once a week and massage.

Perfect for natural, relaxed, weaved, loc’d and braided hair.

This comes at my second place with 4/5 because it does the job for the scalp and it is available i know other products that do wonders but hard to find so that’s why it came on the second place. I didn’t really see any extra growth with my hair though but using this oil made my scalp feel rejuvenated and moisturized.

3. Clove & Chebe Hair Growth butter By Marlynn

The product that comes on the third place is the Clove & Chebe Hair butter By Marlynn , this was my first hair butter and i am in love.

I still have it and i don’t remember when we bought it, this product changed the hair game for me.

It does help with softening your hair, twisting and deep moisturizer for your hair thanks to the clove and chebe properties, you can read more here.

With this product I no longer need the cantu leave in conditioner to twist my hair, the only issue is that you need more moisture if you have dyed hair like mine but if your hair is not dyed this one is perfectly good, you can read more about this product here.

For the rating I will give it a solid 3/5 i love it and would highly recommend.


This should have been my second product because i did love this edge booster elixir from Jnatural cosmetics,This elixir is an infusion of oils made mostly of amla and Fenugreek which i am not familiar with these products but the Amla is known for strengthening hair follicles and reducing hair thinning which stimulate the hair growth. The Fenugreek is known for its antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties as well as being rich in iron and protein which increase hair growth and thickness. This is the right combo to grow your hair especially your edges , if you have been having struggles growing healthy edges look for this JNaturals edge booster elixir or any hair product that contains any of these product. You can read more here.

This product is the BOMB but the problem is that it’s been a while since they restocked, it did wonders with my edges and the growth was impeccable but helas nowhere to be found that is why it came on the last rating with a solid 3/5.

Those are the Made in Rwanda hair products that i tried and would highly recommend each one of them if you are on a natural hair journey. Tell me which one is your favorite in the comment section.

Thank you for reading this far see you in another blog xoxo !

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