Happy New Year of 2020 ! Hope you had a blast starting this year.

We are starting the year with some LADY BOSS blog post and today my special guest is Sandrine Souvorov.

She is one of the best makeup artist in Rwanda ( my favorite also), you can check her business account souvorovbeauty

I wanted to do this blog post since the first time i came across her Instagram page, this girl is very talented.

Today on the blog she is going to share with us few tips in the makeup industry, how she started , what motivated her and some of the challenges she encountered etc…

If you ever wanted to start a career in the beauty industry hope this blog post inspires you to go for your dreams cause that’s what WE ARE DOING IN 2020.

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1. What are the five things we should know about you?

“I am enthusiastic, hard worker, communicative, I love to travel, create work and work with different people.”

 2. When did you start your Makeup Artist Career?

 My passion for makeup started at a very young age, I used to take my mom’s red lipstick and her lips gloss when I went on a school theater.

I always been part of the group because I was a good actress and put it on my friends, and I wore it when I was on scene because I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup at that age, and that was my only special time.

That was the time I realized that I have passion in it.  I started as a Professional Makeup Artist in 2016 and I Make a living out of it.  

 3. What pushed you to Start working as a makeup artist?

 I grew up watching, listening to Icons (Music),  watching movies, and I was obsessed by their style.

 I’m  very hands-on, I always  painted things and read in my free time at school.So My mom was a makeup person but not that extra, but my cousin Angel was.

I always disturb her watching her putting her makeup on and she was so good , then with the art in me combined with what I was learning watching my cousin I ended up doing what I do now .

I honestly didn’t realize that being a Makeup Artist was a career choice, once I realized it, it was immediately my choice Because I wanted to experience more and share my art.

And now it’s very heartwarming to see how many people are actually supporting me and how many people are so proud of me. 

4. What Were the Challenges When you Started?

My biggest challenge was either achieving something I’ve never done before whether it was an eyeshadow look or a skin tone, and also charging my worth.

When I first became a MUA, people weren’t trying to pay me at all.

5. Which tricks every makeup artist should know?

When you’re learning makeup you need Time to make mistakes and bounce on it , you need a lot of practice  because the major thing is not what you need to do or to have, but the progress you’re making on your journey.

And work on your Reputation it is really an important thing.

6. Tips and Tricks to be a Successful Makeup Artist

Never give up!!! Practice makes perfection And do what you want regardless of what others say or what you think they might say. 

Be you for you and be fearless, If you are working on being your own boss, then this is the perfect time to be CARELESS about everyone else!

Just Believe in yourself, you can be more than what you think, even More than what anyone else out there can think. “

Those were few tips from our talented Makeup artist , hope this inspired you to go for your dream job.

Make sure to check her out on instagram : souvorovbeauty

Whenever you feel passionate about something never hesitate to pursue it.

I created this lady boss section to inspire and empower all my readers to go for what they dream of.

Who do you want to see in the next lady boss story ? Let me know in the comment section xoxo.

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