Period cramps can be the most painful and discomfort thing that can happen to you and the sad part is that it is something you have to live with that is why today on the blog I am sharing with you 3 easy ways to deal with period cramps, these are the tips that I personally use and they are very effective but before we jump into these tips make sure you are caught up with my other period blogs:

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One of the most helpful thing you can do for your body when you are menstruating is working out, at this point i need to become a coach cause this year i have been promoting working out so much anywaysss working out really help with decreasing the cramps the more you move your body the less painful it is and it promotes period flow.

In the past I used to roll in my bed , cry and let my periods have the best of me and while lying there I could feel the pain more and it was unbearable, everything changed the moment I started working out after 30 minutes it feels so nice and sometimes I even forget I am on my period so I highly recommend working out.

If you find it hard for you try doing like 10 minutes walk, exercise and move your body i swear this will be a game changer.



Another point a lot for people love missing out when it comes to reduce period pain is eating healthy, this is a game changer not only for your period but your overall body health. Here are some of the food you need to incorporate in your regime during your menstruation:

  1. Drink more WATER less COFFEE : During menstruation we tend to be dehydrated because we are loosing too much and most of the time we don’t want to eat or drink due to the cramps and discomfort so I highly recommend to drink tons of water to stay hydrated and it also help in decreasing bloating ( another big thing when menstruating) . In the process you need to avoid drinking too much coffee, coffee is known to cause water retention, bloating and in some cases digestive problems like diarrhea so if you are one of these people that experience diarrhea in their periods ( like me ) you need to avoid drinking too much coffee.
  2. EAT YOUR FRUITS AND GREENS ( VEGETABLES) : sis eating your fruits and vegetables should part of your everyday meal not only when you are in your periods, we all know how vegetables are rich in Iron which you highly need if you have heavy flow so I highly suggest eating your veggies to keep that balance and fruits for rehydration .
  3. GINGER: I love some ginger tea especially in my periods, if you didn’t know ginger tea can reduce period cramps due to it’s anti inflammatory properties.
  4. DARK CHOCOLATE : Another nutrient you can add to your regime is dark chocolate which contains magnesium ( that helps reduce period symptoms) and iron which plays big role in the making of hemoglobin for your red blood cells.
  5. YOGURT: Yogurt also plays a big role in prevent infection during or after your periods, if this something you experience you can also try this to see if it helps, they are so many nutrients you can add to this list but these are the most found and less expensive nutrients you can add to your regime.


The last tip to decrease the painful cramps is putting a hot bottle where you are experience cramps especially in the back another thing you can do is drinking hot stuff like tea or water this also helps a lot in decreasing the unbearable pain.

Those are the easiest and most effective ways you can reduce period cramps, if there is any other tip you would like to share let me know in the comment section also let me know the typee of content you want to see here. See you next time xoxo

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