5 beauty essentials you need for the summer

Today on the blog we are talking about summer essential beauty products.

The summer is right in the corner and this is the right time to switch up things in your wardrobe and beauty world.

I recently talked about 10-affordable-fashion-items-from-amazon-summer-edition-2020 click here to read, now let’s talk about beauty essentials for the summer.

To start let me ask you, what look do you go for during the summer ? Heavy and full coverage or light and glowing look ?

If you don’t have any idea, in this blog post i am going to share with you everything you need to know about beauty during the summer, products you need to have and how to apply them.

Without further due let’s get Started


During the summer say bye bye to heavy makeup, dark red lips and say hello to colorful looks, highlighter and lip gloss.

In this period get yourself a highlighter to enhance the beauty that is already there.

One of the best highlighter on the market is from Fenty Beauty.


When the skin is sun kissed the highlighter just enhance the highest part of the face.

In summer time the makeup looks tends to be more natural , glowy it is not the appropriate time to wear full coverage foundation with the sun and sweat messing up everything.

You apply your highlighter on the cheek bones, tip of the nose, you can check 5-areas-to-apply-your-highlighter.

If you can’t afford a highlighter , you can use a shimmer color in your eye shadow palette.

Another product you need is bronzer to bronze that beautiful skin of yours.



Another importamt product you need in your summer kit is a body scrub. This product is not only recommended for the summer but for every time.


Body scrub help you get rid of dry, flaky and sun burnt skin , it helps restore your smooth complexion , in few words it helps in exfoliation.

Apply your body scrub 2 or 3 times a week in a circular motion all over your body for better results.

If you are in Rwanda i recommend using THE body scrub from Zerufi Organics you can shop it through KASHA RWANDA.

If you are not in Rwanda, here is some options for you.


In the summer we tend to have dry and chapped lips which can cause discomfort and inconvenience.

In order to have beautiful and healthy lips get yourself a lip balm that moisturized your lips through out the day.

I use LIKN BEESWAX LIP BALM from Kasha this lip balm is the real tea, it moisturize my lips , smell nice and last.

You can also use Vaseline jelly it also help in the prevention of chapped lips.

As i told you that about more natural look for the summer you also need a lip gloss to level up things.


First of all what is a BB and CC cream ?

BB stand for Beauty Balm, a BB cream is lighter than the foundation and doesn’t offer full coverage, while CC stand for Color Corrector which helps in hiding imperfections like redness, blemishes.

BB and CC cream are really good for the summer because they act like a primer, moisturize and hydrate your skin and they often contain SPF which is very needed by your skin during the summer.

Instead of wearing a foundation which may feel heavy on your skin during the summer instead go for a BB cream and if you want to hide some imperfections add a CC cream.

Here are some options for you,




Whewh !!!! i am really obsessed with smelling fresh, feminine and clean. I also made a blog post about how-to-smell-fresh-and-clean-all-day-feminine-hacks-every-girl-needs-to-know.

In the summer, the sun is heating and burning we may feel hot and sticky, the fragrance tends to evaporate so quickly.

I suggest you have fresh scent with ingredients like strawberry, pineapple, jasmine or coconut etc.. and also remember to go for a scent that is aluminium free.

These are my 5 beauty essential you need for the summer, is there anything else i forgot ? Let me know in the comment section.

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