Today on the blog , i am sharing with you 5 trending accessories you definitely need in this summer 2020.

Even if we are not going out as we are supposed to due to COVID19 but still we are enjoying this summer in style.

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Accessories are one of the items that add a little touch of style to an outfit, especially during the summer.

Today on the blog i am sharing with you trending accessories that are affordable, chic and stylish.


Sunglasses are the number one accessory you need during the summer.

Sunglasses are small accessories that add a large impact to your look, now the most trending glasses are square glasses, cat eye sunglasses, slim shaddy etc..

Down below you will find some of these glasses that you can shop through the widgets.


Another cool trending accessory you need is a pair of outstanding earrings.

Now the focus is more on big earrings, if you want to level up your summer looks go for big bold earrings.

In this summer it is better to go for more colorful,stylish earring than other seasons.


I wasn’t a big fan of necklaces back in the days but now it has become one of my new favorites even if i don’t have a lot of them.

Necklaces are also a must accessory every girl needs during the summer or any season.


We all know that the summer is the best time to wear sandals. You can either wear flat sandals,wedges, clog sandals.

If you are planning to go for a summer trip you can bring a pair of sandals with you.


Last but not least a round cross body bag is another must have accessory you need for the summer.

The thing i love about this bag is that you can pack just the essential you need and it adds a little stylish touch to your look.

You can take this bag for a small trip, brunch or even a night out with your friends.

I recently talked about how you can style a red baguette bag which is also another option of a bag you can style during the summer.If you want to read more about how you can style it you can click 5-ways-to-style-a-red-baguette-bag-for-the-summer-2020/.

Those are my 5 trending accessories for the summer 2020, if you want me talk about other trends let me know in the comment section.

Was this blog helpful ? Let me know in the comment section xoxo.

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