the art of self care - different ways to practice self care

Self care is the art of taking care of your own self, need and prioritizing yourself over everything,self care goes hand in hand with self love.

Self love is not being selfish instead it is learning to love yourself better and deeper and being able to love others in return.

You can’t never love others if you don’t love yourself, everything start with you. Today on the blog i am going to share with you 10 different ways you can practice self care everyday to boost your confidence, self esteem and live a happy life.

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Self care is not only about going to the spa,getting your nails or hair done it is more about getting in touch with your inner self and finding that ray of sunshine to boost yourself up.

In this blog the tips or ways i am sharing with you are simple and effective and i believe that if you incorporate those methods in your everyday life you are going to feel more happy and positive every day.


The first way of taking care of myself is writing in my journal, i don’t know for you but i don’t know how my life would be without my journal.

My journal helps me check on my emotional self, whenever i am writing in my journal i just feel like i am letting go of all the things that are either weighting me down or that are making me happy.

Back in the days i used to write in my journal only when i was sad or hurt but now whenever i feel like i have something to say about my life i just take my pen and do it.

Writing is a way for me to express myself ( that is why i even started this blog), it is a way for me to get in touch with the inner me , to check on myself and know what is really going on.

I know most of you can not relate to this but try it for once, try to write in your journal every day you can write about your day in general or a specific thing and you are going to see how much it is going to help you.

If you want to get yourself a beautiful journal in Kigali make sure to check out Charisma bookstore located at Kigali heights that is where i got mine.


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Life is really complicated out here and you highly need a break, your body and mind need a break.

This is something that really helps , take one day to relax and recharge , over working is not good for you.

When i say taking a break i also include a break with your social medias, take one day to unplug with everything and get in touch with yourself.

Take a long shower, go for a walk, listen to music, read the bible or any book just make sure that you stay away from things that stress or drain you.

An important thing you need to know is that listening to your body is something you need to highly consider, whenever your body tells you to take a step back DO IT and let it recharge.

It is not good to always push your body even when it is tired, even if you are the most busy person on earth make sure you find at least 3 hours to relax, go away from everything in order to find yourself again, don’t loose yourself.


I know i say this a lot in my blogs but allow me to REPEAT IT once again USE DAILY AFFIRMATION.

This is one of the best way to take care of your mental health, you can never feel better about yourself if your mind is always full of negativity.

You attract what you are, if you are always thinking about negativity that’s what you are going to attract.If you have a positive mindset then you will attract positivity in your life, the mind is a powerful tool be careful of what you put in there.

Train your mind to see good in everything, to think positively and affirm it, try to start your day with positive affirmations and see how your day is going to be very beautiful. This is a way of loving and appreciating yourself a little bit more.


I know some of you are like WHATTTTTT ? but let me tell you this is my happy place, long showers for me are like therapy whenever i am having a bad day.

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I love showering ( people that knows me can confirm this) first of all it is one of the ways to take care of my physical self, my skin and everything but also it is the right time for me to think and reflect on myself , who else does this while showering?

You are not going to believe it but most of my creative ideas come to me when i am showering,YES ! my AHA moment always take place when i am showering. I suggest that after a long day of work you get into your bathroom and enjoy every minute while showering and i swear you will get out of there feeling so much better.

There is no better feeling in the world than showering, singing and dancing to your favorite song it calms your mind and put you in a joyful mood.


This is a major thing to do during your self care , remove all the toxicity from your life it may be that bad habit of yours, that ex, job or any situation. If there is something that is draining your energy make sure you get lid of it.

Getting away from toxicity is the hardest thing to do i have been there i have done that i know it is hard.

have you noticed that when for example you are in a toxic relationship it is so hard for you to get away from them,you know that they are toxic but you just can’t help it. It is hard take your time and make sure you work on getting out of that situation.

Another thing i noticed is that we may be the toxic people in the environment , have you found yourself being the toxic one in a situation?

I know a lot of people don’t admit when they are the one toxic , we most of the time blame other people for bad things that happens to us but have you ever asked yourself if you may be the reason why you are attracting toxicity into your life is because you are also toxic?

This is very important make sure you check on yourself so much often and work on those toxic traits if you have them, we all do by the way nobody is perfect.

Don’t be ashamed of having toxic traits because you can work on them and become a better person the problem will be identifying them and nourishing them instead of cutting them off.

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This is the fanciest form of self care you will ever experience, i love lighting my candle during the morning in the weekend and meditate while inhaling a beautiful scent, this brings joy to my heart.

Try this and trust me this is going to make you happy, if you want to get yourself some scented candles make sure you check out T2000 for some amazing candles at an affordable price.


Another way of practicing self care is through working out and eating healthy meals, if there is one thing i am sure about is that working out is not only taking care of your physical health it also makes you feel better about yourself and boost your confidence.

I started working out this year and i must say this is something i am really proud of and i am not planning to stop it, not only it made me fit but also it showed me that i can do anything i put my mind to.

Start today that’s the best thing you can do for yourself and your body is going to thank you in the future.


Talking about soul therapy ? Evening walks are my to go to when i want to unplug and take care of my soul, even if it is hard to do evening walks due to COVID measures here in Rwanda this is something you definitely need when practicing self care.

First when you go for walk you change your environment you get to breath some fresh air and THINK.

Whenever i want to go deep into my thoughts without people disturbing me i go for a walk, put my phone on airplane mode and enjoy every little step i take.


The most important way of practicing self care is learning how to be grateful about everything in life this something we overlook. Instead of being grateful about our lives we spend most of the time complaining and wishing things were different and this leads to negative thinking.

You can’t love yourself or live a purposeful life if you are ungrateful of what God blessed you with, from now start practicing BEING GRATEFUL, celebrate all the wins ( either big or small wins ) in your life and this is going to help you to have a positive mindset.

You can do this by writing down everything you are grateful about every day, do it in the morning and in the evening and be grateful about your life.

This is going to help you see how much your life is worth living and celebrated.


There is no better feeling in the world than taking care of yourself with some facial mask, drinking some juice and listening to old music.

This is my favorite thing to do on my self care day, i just put on my favorite banana homemade mask, drink my smoothie and listen to 90’S rnb and my day is made.

If you are new to do this make sure you check my skincare guide for beginners here: 5-basic-steps-of-skin-care-routine-for-beginners

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Skincare is important for you and your skin, make sure you invest yourself in this because the more you take care of your skin the more healthy you are.

Those are my 10 ways of practicing self care, what is your favorite way ? Is there anything you want to add ? Let me know in the comment section xoxo.

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