Happy international women s day to all my fellow women around the world.

This is one of the days that i am happy to celebrate during the year.

Because we celebrate the economic, political and social achievement of women around the world.

To all my boss ladies around the globe, we celebrate you today.

This year s theme is #balanceforbetter which means gender balance in the world.

What can you do to reach this goal ?

For today s blog post i tried to reach out to different feminist to ask them to share with us a powerful message regarding this special day.

Before we start i would like to thank each and everyone who contributed to this work . May God bless you for me.


The first one is the amazing Kayla self taught makeup artist.

She is really talented and an amazing soul check her Instagram page beauty_kmg.

beauty kmg a self taught makeup artist

This is her message for today :

” I love that this year’s theme for international women’s day is ‘balance for better’.

While I do consider myself a feminist, I understand that some people feel negatively when powerful language like ‘feminism’ is used.

Because for some reason, they believe that it is a movement meant to push men down.

I think that using  #balanceforbetter as the theme for this year is a great way to bridge that gap. “

As most people know, about half the world identifies as male and the other half, female– a beautiful balance of the two.

So why isn’t this balance reflected in our government, workplaces, and fields? For example, the latest U.S. census shows that 50.8% of the country is female.


However, only 19.4% of Congress is such.

How can we expect our rights to be protected if there is not an equal balance in our government?

We are all equal and can do equally great work. It is not only a goal, but a necessity, that everyone is represented equally in life.

By striving for balance, we can make the world a better place for everyone.


The second one is my beautiful friend Amina Umuhoza , a poetess and also a self made entrepreneur.

She is the CEO of Saye company and Dukataze.

Dukataze is a platform that empowers girls mentally and economically. check them out dukataze

Her message for this special day :

” The first though that i have for this women s day with the theme #balanceforbetter.

I would like to address to the girls cause i am a girl and we all know that girls with dreams become women with vision .

what i can say is that we can say that we can fight for the balance but i would like to remind girls that you are not yet there.

There are still things that are standing in our way to achieve balance.

Plenty dreams , inspirations that are not yet realized.

Just because of challenges that are standing in our way like early pregnancy, low self esteem , poverty and many more.

I would like to remind all of us women that we can not assure the balance if we are still having those things that are not allowing us to achieve this kind of balance.

So let this international women day be a day to reflect back to our dreams, challenges that we have us girls into finding our own solutions to deal with them.

Because if we allow other people to decide for us that choice will not be for us they will be deciding for themselves

So we have to stand up towards ending what is standing in our ways towards achieving our own potential.

We can not achieve this balance if all of those things that are standing in our ways are still there.

This is the time to celebrate what we have achieved because we have achieved a lot in Rwanda in terms of political , civil.

It is also the time for everyone ,for every girls , every women to reflect back on your own peace , own flaws , beauty and what you are passionate about .

Take this day as the right day to support each other as women .”


This girl right here is one of my mentors, a feminist and also the CEO and Founder of Impanuro Girls Initiative( IGI ).

IGI is an organization that empower women into creating a better future.

Her message for today :

” Well, i think in order to build a gender-balanced world is that us women stop feeling sorry for ourselves and to be our very own motivators.

We need to stand up and act instead on waiting for other people’s aid.

Therefore, if we show the world that we are capable, the world will trust us as capable.

And there will be equal right to opportunities to both men and women.”


Mimmie Karagania is a Kenyan born chef , photographer and blogger. She is currently doing her second degree in event management and marketing.

She mostly focus on showcasing her work and blog in aim to empower people, spread joy and make them realize they are not alone in their struggle and she is a strong advocate of small wins.

Check out her blog and i am pretty sure you are going to love her work as i do :  crankybutterfly 

Make sure you follow her page on Instagram : my_mmie

Her message for today :

“I am glad now that the world is understanding that women are a force to be reckoned with.

They have the powerful capability to mesh emotion ,maturity and logic into one to recreate what most men can’t .

An outpour of success and care at the same time into everything they do . I find it so empowering watching a woman succeed and the time we live in should be proof enough that a girl can do anything she sets her mind to .

Why because she is a woman. She has the power to dream big and actually make it happen. I want to see black women in every possible field conquering and being the bosses they are!

To take their resilience and strength into other aspects of their lives and be who they are meant to be ! “


Kanyana Nadine is a rwandan fashion designer and also a fashion blogger.

She started her blogging journey last year and she is amazing .

Check out her blog : https://kanyanasews.com

Her message for today :

“No one has the power to make you feel inferior,I feel you are the most superior.

The world does not even know the power you possess,The distance you have travelled,You are the one, who has made the world so beautiful,The world wants to celebrate your wonderful presence on this earth.

Enjoy your day specifically built to bring in light your hard-hitting struggle,Cheers to the whole female fraternity!! “

This all for today, hope this day help us women to reflect on how far we have come.

Let us learn to help, support and empower each other . if we want a gender balanced world it must start with US.


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