Hello guys ! it s been a long time since i wrote i was so busy lately but here i am.

I was going through my gallery and when i saw this picture below i felt like writing about it.


This is real something that all girls should learn about , but at our young age we are naive we don not want to listen.

we always put our feelings before our careers even our own lives but one thing is for sure FEELINGS DO NOT PAY BILLS .

it is hard to say this to a 15 young lady who is in love for the first time cause at the age we feel like the love makes everything possible which is far from the reality.

Love can’t solve everything sometimes you have to let it go to get where you want in life.

If there is one thing i also noticed men love intelligent and hard working women.

If he is looking for someone to spend the night with he will mostly look for other things so let’s be wise girls and focus on more important things.

Few years ago i used to put my feeling in front of everything : my studies , my dreams etc…

If i had a boyfriend all i did was thinking about him , doing everything to make him happy.

I didn’t care if i was hurt through the process as long as he was happy i was happy.

As i grew up i realized that all those past relationship lead me to nothing but hurt and regrets.

That’s why i decided to take a break and BREATH , it s been 1 year and half and i never been so happy in my life.

You don’t have to worry about love cause when your time will come you will find the right man , who will love and support you no matter what.

Don’t jump into a relationship because you are scared to be SINGLE & ALONE.

Don’t ever lower your standards to be loved by a man.

if he can’t love you with them he will not even love you without them

don’ t you ever change who you are for a man.

Never settle for less than you deserve , don’t force him to see the light in you if he can’t let him go he is not the one.

Girls we need to live our lives freely, don t just jump into marriage just because you are getting old or because of money.

Marry the person who makes your heart skip a beat and who makes you feel like you are the only girl in the world.

Before letting a man into your heart be sure that he is here to stay or not.

Ask yourself if you are ready to have him and remember that not all the men that comes into your life loves you.

Some are here for your body and beauty they just want to drain your energy and when they are done they ll leave.

Don’t give yourself fully to a man unless if you are married of course , don t be fooled by his words cause after he gets what he want he will leave you.

Don’t let him beat you at your own game , never depend on someone, don t focus on his goals and forget yours.

Test him , be careful , never quit your job just because he is rich , work HARD so that your children will be proud of you .

This is your time to live your dreams ,to be successful ,to make MONEY MOVES.

Be someone , inspire someone , make people proud , be that girl every man want to marry.


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